Agricultural Engineering College & Research Institute





                                   1.Paddy thresher cum winnower

                                   2.Paddy winnower

                                   3.Helical blade puddler(Bullock drawn)

                                   4.Groundnut stripper(Hand operated)

                                   5.Groundnut Decorticator

                                   6.Cup feed seed planter(B.D)

                                   7.Husker sheller for maize

                                   8.Chaff cutter

                                   9.Cotton delinting machine

                                  10.Wide bed former cum seeder

                                  11.Bed furrow former, Insect trap

                                  12.Improved iron plough

                                  13.Gorru seed cum fertilizer drill

                                  14.Seed cum fertilizer broadcaster

                                  15.Seed planter attachment to T.D. cultivator

                                  16.Caster sheller

                                  17.Tractor drawn basin lister

                                  18.Self propelled paddy harvester

                                  19.Mulberry stem cutter

                                  20.Low volume sprayer(Battery operated)

                                  21.Seed cum urea

                                  22.Terracer cum leveler

                                  23.Chaff cutter(Hand operated)

                                  24.Axial flow pump(Power tiller operated)

                                  25.Auger digger(Power tiller operated)

                                  26.Bush cleaning machine

                                  27.Corcyra egg scale separator

                                  28.Power weeder

                                  29.Low draft chisel plough

                                  30.Irrigation channel former(T.D.)

                                  31.Sprayer for arecanut

                                  32.Corcyra Moth collector

                                  33.Sprayer for coconut trees

                                  34.Paddy harvester(Self propelled)

                                  35.Ridger seeder

                                  36.Trencher (T.D)

                                  37.Fodder sorghum harvester

                                  38.Groundnut thresher

                                  39.Groundnut harvester

                                  40.Paddy green manure seeder

                                  41.Turmeric harvester (PTO)

                                  42.Basin lister / Broadbed former cum seeder attachment to cultivator

                                  43.Turmeric digger (T.D.)

                                  44.Air assisted high speed drilling attachment for small seeds

                                  45.Power rotary and earthling equipment

                                  46.Para plough

                                  47.Tapioca harvester(T.D.)

                                  48.Improved paddy seeder 

                                  49.Footwear manual sprayer