Agricultural Engineering College & Research Institute


                                                              THRUST AREAS


            Development of machinery for mechanization of  labour intensive and drudgery oriented operations
            in crop production:

                 Direct paddy seeder

                 Combine harvester for paddy

                 Combine harvester for groundnut

                 Inter-row weeders for wet and dry lands

                 Harvesters for turmeric and tapioca

                 Thresher for pulses

            Development of machinery for improving quality of work and productivity:

                           Seed cum fertilizer drill

                           Ridger seeder

                           Sugarcane trash collector cum shredder

                           Dibblers and precision planters

                           Pneumatic seed drill

            Development of crop Protection equipments:

                           Power tiller operated sprayers

                 Sprayers for tall tress like coconut and areca nut   

                          Hooded sprayers for low drift spraying in Mango

            Development of safe and ergonomically designed tools:

                          Study of vibration transmitted to tractor and power tiller operators

                Evaluation of guidelines for testing of manually operated equipments to make 
                them safe and comfortable to use.