S.NO Name of the Event Event Type Date     
1 IDP Orientation Programme  Orientation Programme 20-09-2019
2 IDP-Launch-Function  Launch Function 21-09-2019
3 IDP-Forest Launch Function  21-09-2019
4 Guest Lecture Series – Higher Education Opportunities in US Universities Guest Lecture 06-01-2020
5 Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Food Industries Guest Lecture 20.01.2020
6 Guest Lecture Series – Opportunities for Young AgriBusiness Graduates Employment and Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture 24-01-2020
7 Guest Lecture Series – Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities in AgriBusiness Guest Lecture 07-02-2020
8 Education-Management-System-and-Academic-Auditing-for-Quality-Assurance Workshop 12-02-2020
9 Soft Skills Training Programme which was Inbuilt into Experiential Learning Programme Vocational 14-02-2020
10 Guest Lecture Series – Overseas Education opportunities for Farm Graduates Guest Lecture 17-02-2020
11 Guest Lecture Series – Overseas Higher Education Opportunities for Farm Graduates and Status of Organic Agriculture Across the Globe            Guest Lecture 24-02-2020
12 Certificate-Course – Energy Auditing and Management Certificate course 09-03-2020
13 Physiological Approaches for Enhancing the Crop Productivity Under Changing Climate Guest Lecture 12-03-2020
14 Webinar on Food Business Opportunity Identification and Commercialization Webinar 22-04-2020
15 Webinar-on-Forestry-Sector Webinar 26-05-2020
16 Webex meeting hold on JAMF Jumpstart Training on Mobile Device Management Pertaining to Exanimation System Online Meetings 09-06-2020
17 Webinar on utility of oracle cloud Webinar 08-07-2020
18 Webinar on AR-VR Module Preperation Webinar 10-07-2020
19 Webinar on Entrepreneurship Scope in Food Processing Webinar 05-08-2020
20 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Simulation Games Workshop 09-09-2020
21 Certificate Course on Block Chain Technology Certificate course 16-09-2020
22 AR-VR module content developers online meeting Online Meeting 01-10-2020
23 Industry Institution Workshop on Natural Dyes Workshop 06-10-2020
24 Workshop on Effective utilization of smart classroom Gadget Workshop 15-10-2020
25 Guest Lecture on Bamboo Cultivation and Marketting Potential Guest Lecture 19-10-2020
26 Guest lecture on Micro Irrigation Industry in India Guest Lecture 23-10-2020
27 Faculty Training on Digital Examination Systems Training Programme 29-10-2020
28 Guest Lecture on Bio-Innovation and Entrepreneurship Journey Guest Lecture 31-10-2020
29 Training on Effective utilization of smart classroom Gadget Training Programme 03-11-2020
30 IDP forest and Native Tree Seed Ball Sowing Programme Launch Function 05-11-2020
31 Guest Lecture on Classification Systems from 3rd Century BC to 21st century AD Guest Lecture 06-11-2020
32 Guest Lecture on Modern Agriculture and Social Entrepreneur Guest Lecture 07-11-2020
33 Guest Lecture on Precision Farming in Fruit Crops Guest Lecture 11-11-2020
34 Guest Lecture on Sustainable Business Guest Lecture 12-11-2020
35 Workshop on Synchronizing Quality of Food Technology Education with Industrial Demand Workshop 18-11-2020
36 Guest Lecture on Urban Agriculture and Vertical Farming Guest Lecture 21-11-2020
37 Guest Lecture on Successful Sericulture Farming-My Experience Guest Lecture 25-11-2020
38 Guest Lecture on Successful Production of Chawki Worms Guest Lecture 27-11-2020
39 IDP – School of Finishing and Grooming Virtual Course on English Communication Skills    
40 Guest Lecture  on Status of Vegetable Seed Industry Guest Lecture 01-12-2020
41 Guest Lecture  on My experience in Mulberry cultivation Guest Lecture 02-12-2020
42 Guest Lecture  on Seed Certification Procedures for ensuring higher seed quality Guest Lecture  02-12-2020
43 Guest Lecture  on Experience to Excellence – An Agro Bio Entrepreneurs’ Success Story  Guest Lecture 02-12-2020
44 International webinar on Innovations and Advances in Agricultural Engineering International webinar 02-12-2020
45 Online Certificate Course on Marketing for Food Products Certificate Course 03-12-2020
46 Guest Lecture  on Organic Farming & Product Development  Guest Lecture 04-12-2020
47 Guest Lecture  on Recombinant Protein Production – A Startup Journey Guest Lecture  05-12-2020
48 Guest Lecture  on Scope of Plant Breeding in Private Industries  Guest Lecture 10-12-2020
49 Guest Lecture  on Post-Harvest Management and Value Addition of Moringa  Guest Lecture 10-12-2020
51 International Webinar Series on Exploring Global Platform for Agri-Graduates: Scholarships and Job opportunities International webinar  14-12-2020
52 Guest Lecture  on New Agribusiness Opportunities and Procedure for Starting a New Agro Enterprises Guest Lecture  15-12-2020
53 A sensitization and training session on “Learning and Examination Management System through Secure Digital Pad Training Programme  18-12-2020
54 Guest Lecture  on Scope and Challenges of Industries under COVID scenario  Guest Lecture 19-12-2020
55 Entrepreneurial course on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture – Opportunities and Approaches  Entrepreneurial Course 26-12-2020
56 One-day online workshop on Entrepreneurship Simulation Game Entrepreneurship Course 05.01.2021
57 Agripreneurship Opportunities and Challenges in Botanical Pesticide Industry Guest Lecture 09.01.2021
58 Application of biotechnology in the crop improvement of vegetable crops Guest Lecture 11.01.2021
59 Protected Cultivation – Problems and Prospects Guest Lecture 12.01.2021
60 Emerging Methods in Food Preservation Guest Lecture 12.01.2021.
61 Commercial Biofertilizers Production Guest Lecture 19.01.2021
62 Commercial uses of Synthetic plant growth regulators, nutrients and bio pesticides for increasing yield and quality of horticultural and Agricultural crops Guest Lecture 20.1.2021
63 Processing of sugarcane and its byproducts Guest Lecture 21.01.2021
64 Latest Trend in Farm Machinery Manufacturing Guest Lecture 22.01.2021
65 Present and Future Scenario for fertilizer manufacturing Guest Lecture  
66 Emerging trends in Landscape Architecture Guest Lecture 25.01.2021
67 Entrepreneurship in Agriculture – Opportunities and Approaches” Entrepreneurship Course 30.01.2021