S.NOName of the EventEvent TypeDate     
1IDP Orientation Programme Orientation Programme20-09-2019
2IDP-Launch-Function Launch Function21-09-2019
3IDP-ForestLaunch Function 21-09-2019
4Guest Lecture Series – Higher Education Opportunities in US UniversitiesGuest Lecture06-01-2020
5Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Food IndustriesGuest Lecture20.01.2020
6Guest Lecture Series – Opportunities for Young AgriBusiness Graduates Employment and EntrepreneurshipGuest Lecture24-01-2020
7Guest Lecture Series – Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Opportunities in AgriBusinessGuest Lecture07-02-2020
9Soft Skills Training Programme which was Inbuilt into Experiential Learning ProgrammeVocational14-02-2020
10Guest Lecture Series – Overseas Education opportunities for Farm GraduatesGuest Lecture17-02-2020
11Guest Lecture Series – Overseas Higher Education Opportunities for Farm Graduates and Status of Organic Agriculture Across the Globe           Guest Lecture24-02-2020
12Certificate-Course – Energy Auditing and ManagementCertificate course09-03-2020
13Physiological Approaches for Enhancing the Crop Productivity Under Changing ClimateGuest Lecture12-03-2020
14Webinar on Food Business Opportunity Identification and CommercializationWebinar22-04-2020
16Webex meeting hold on JAMF Jumpstart Training on Mobile Device Management Pertaining to Exanimation SystemOnline Meetings09-06-2020
17Webinar on utility of oracle cloudWebinar08-07-2020
18Webinar on AR-VR Module PreperationWebinar10-07-2020
19Webinar on Entrepreneurship Scope in Food ProcessingWebinar05-08-2020
20Workshop on Entrepreneurship Simulation GamesWorkshop09-09-2020
21Certificate Course on Block Chain TechnologyCertificate course16-09-2020
22AR-VR module content developers online meetingOnline Meeting01-10-2020
23Industry Institution Workshop on Natural DyesWorkshop06-10-2020
24Workshop on Effective utilization of smart classroom GadgetWorkshop15-10-2020
25Guest Lecture on Bamboo Cultivation and Marketting PotentialGuest Lecture19-10-2020
26Guest lecture on Micro Irrigation Industry in IndiaGuest Lecture23-10-2020
27Faculty Training on Digital Examination SystemsTraining Programme29-10-2020
28Guest Lecture on Bio-Innovation and Entrepreneurship JourneyGuest Lecture31-10-2020
29Training on Effective utilization of smart classroom GadgetTraining Programme03-11-2020
30IDP forest and Native Tree Seed Ball Sowing ProgrammeLaunch Function05-11-2020
31Guest Lecture on Classification Systems from 3rd Century BC to 21st century ADGuest Lecture06-11-2020
32Guest Lecture on Modern Agriculture and Social EntrepreneurGuest Lecture07-11-2020
33Guest Lecture on Precision Farming in Fruit CropsGuest Lecture11-11-2020
34Guest Lecture on Sustainable BusinessGuest Lecture12-11-2020
35Workshop on Synchronizing Quality of Food Technology Education with Industrial DemandWorkshop18-11-2020
36Guest Lecture on Urban Agriculture and Vertical FarmingGuest Lecture21-11-2020
37Guest Lecture on Successful Sericulture Farming-My ExperienceGuest Lecture25-11-2020
38Guest Lecture on Successful Production of Chawki WormsGuest Lecture27-11-2020
39IDP – School of Finishing and Grooming Virtual Course on English Communication Skills  
40Guest Lecture  on Status of Vegetable Seed IndustryGuest Lecture01-12-2020
41Guest Lecture  on My experience in Mulberry cultivationGuest Lecture02-12-2020
42Guest Lecture  on Seed Certification Procedures for ensuring higher seed qualityGuest Lecture 02-12-2020
43Guest Lecture  on Experience to Excellence – An Agro Bio Entrepreneurs’ Success Story Guest Lecture02-12-2020
44International webinar on Innovations and Advances in Agricultural EngineeringInternational webinar02-12-2020
45Online Certificate Course on Marketing for Food ProductsCertificate Course03-12-2020
46Guest Lecture  on Organic Farming & Product Development Guest Lecture04-12-2020
47Guest Lecture  on Recombinant Protein Production – A Startup JourneyGuest Lecture 05-12-2020
48Guest Lecture  on Scope of Plant Breeding in Private Industries Guest Lecture10-12-2020
49Guest Lecture  on Post-Harvest Management and Value Addition of Moringa Guest Lecture10-12-2020
51International Webinar Series on Exploring Global Platform for Agri-Graduates: Scholarships and Job opportunitiesInternational webinar 14-12-2020
52Guest Lecture  on New Agribusiness Opportunities and Procedure for Starting a New Agro EnterprisesGuest Lecture 15-12-2020
53A sensitization and training session on “Learning and Examination Management System through Secure Digital PadTraining Programme 18-12-2020
54Guest Lecture  on Scope and Challenges of Industries under COVID scenario Guest Lecture19-12-2020
55Entrepreneurial course on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture – Opportunities and Approaches Entrepreneurial Course26-12-2020
56One-day online workshop on Entrepreneurship Simulation GameEntrepreneurship Course05.01.2021
57Agripreneurship Opportunities and Challenges in Botanical Pesticide IndustryGuest Lecture09.01.2021
58Application of biotechnology in the crop improvement of vegetable cropsGuest Lecture11.01.2021
59Protected Cultivation – Problems and ProspectsGuest Lecture12.01.2021
60Emerging Methods in Food PreservationGuest Lecture12.01.2021.
61Commercial Biofertilizers ProductionGuest Lecture19.01.2021
62Commercial uses of Synthetic plant growth regulators, nutrients and bio pesticides for increasing yield and quality of horticultural and Agricultural cropsGuest Lecture20.1.2021
63Processing of sugarcane and its byproductsGuest Lecture21.01.2021
64Latest Trend in Farm Machinery ManufacturingGuest Lecture22.01.2021
65Present and Future Scenario for fertilizer manufacturingGuest Lecture 
66Emerging trends in Landscape ArchitectureGuest Lecture25.01.2021
67Entrepreneurship in Agriculture – Opportunities and Approaches”Entrepreneurship Course


68 Skill development training on Drone applications in agriculture Training Programme  01-02-2021 to 01-02-2021
Entrepreneurship training on Landscaping, Flower Arrangement and Bonsai Making
Entrepreneurship Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
70 Certificate Course in IoT in Agriculture Certificate Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
71Entrepreneurship course on “Post-Harvest Handling and Value Addition in Banana” Entrepreneurship Course
01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
Certificate Course on “Big data Analytics Landscape in Agricultural Sector”
Certificate Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
73 Entrepreneurship course on “Commercial Plant Tissue Culture” Entrepreneurship Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
74 Entrepreneurship Course on “Cocoon Value addition” Entrepreneurship Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
75 Certificate Course on Smart Agri-2.0 IoT and Data Collection for Precision Agriculture Certificate Course
01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
76 Hands on training on “Mini Clonal Propagation Technology of Forest Tree Species” Hands on Training 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
77 Certificate course on Understanding Marketing Certificate Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
78 Entrepreneurship course on “Dry flower Production Technology and Post-Harvest Handling” Entrepreneurship Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
Skill development training on Drone applications in agriculture
Training Programme 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
Hands on training on “Biomass Briquetting Technology and Wood Carving Technology”
Hands on Training 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
81Entrepreneurship training on Value Addition of Horticultural Produce Entrepreneurship Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
82Skill development training on Drone applications Training Programme 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
83Certificate Course on “Digital Marketing” Certificate Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
84Skill development training on Drone applications in agriculture Training Programme 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
85Certificate Course in IoT in Agriculture Certificate Course 01-02-2021 To 05-02-2021
86Guest lecture on “Redefined Agribusiness using ICT” Guest Lecture 06-02-2021 To 06-02-2021
87Vocational Course on Enhancing Communication and Employability Skills Vocational Course 06-02-2021 To 08-02-2021
88Guest lecture on “Bioactive compound – From Design to Target” Guest Lecture
09-02-2021 To 09-02-2021
89Guest lecture on “Exploiting Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria for eco-friendly Agriculture” Guest Lecture 10-02-2021 To 10-02-2021
90Guest Lecture on “Cotton Cultivation: Advances in Agronomic Management Practices in India” Guest Lecture 10-02-2021 To 10-02-2021
91Guest Lecture on “Advances and Perspectives of bio-agents against nematodes” Guest Lecture
11-02-2021 To 11-02-2021
92 Guest Lecture on Automation and Landscaping Guest Lecture 11-02-2021 To 11-02-2021
93 Guest Lecture on “Chromosome Studies in Plants” Guest Lecture 12-02-2021 To 12-02-2021
94 An online skill development vocational course entitled School of Finishing and grooming Vocational Course 15-02-2021 To 26-02-2021
95 Demonstration on E-Class Language Lab Software Training Programme 16-02-2021 To 16-02-2021
96Guest Lecture on Solar Energy Usage and Benefits to Environment Guest Lecture
16-02-2021 To 16-02-2021
97The entrepreneurial course on “Entrepreneurship in Agriculture – Opportunities and Approaches” Entrepreneurship Course 22-02-2021 To 22-02-2021
98Training on “Utility of Smart Classroom Gadgets” Training Programme 23-02-2021 To 23-02-2021
99 International webinar on “Vertical farming of Vegetable Crops” International Webinar 23-02-2021 To 25-02-2021
100National webinar on “Advances and Future Outlook in Renewable Energy Engineering” National Webinar 24-02-2021 To 24-02-2021
101Entrepreneurship course on “Protected Cultivation for High Value Crops – Design & Installation” Entrepreneurship Course 26-02-2021 To 27-02-2021
102International Training on Scrutiny of applications received for International Faculty Training Training Programme 01-03-2021 To 01-03-2021
103 One-day Online Awareness and Sensitization Programme on Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Programme 03-03-2021 To 03-03-2021
104 Training on Digital technologies in Video Production Training Programme 06-03-2021 To 06-03-2021
Training on “Utility of Smart Classroom Gadgets”
Training Programme 10-03-2021 To 10-03-2021
106 Training on “e-class language software demonstration” Training Programme
12-03-2021 To 12-03-2021
107 Skill development vocational course on “Communication and Career Skills” Vocational Course 15-03-2021 To 16-03-2021
108 Training on “Utility of Smart Classroom Gadgets” Training Programme 16-03-2021 To 16-03-2021
109 Training on “e-class language software demonstration” Training Programme 16-03-2021 To 16-03-2021
Seminar on “Indian Agro Biodiversity: Collection, Characterization and Conservation”
Seminar 23-03-2021 To 23-03-2021
111 Guest Lecture on “Emerging trends in Landscape Architecture” Guest Lecture 25-03-2021 To 25-03-2021
112 Training on “e-class language software demonstration” Training Programme 25-03-2021 To 25-03-2021
113 Skill Development Training on “Communication and Career Skills” Training Programme
26-03-2021 To 29-03-2021
114 One-day seminar on “Promoting Social Responsibility of Students towards Farming Community” Seminar 27-03-2021 To 27-03-2021
115 Training on “Designing ICT tools for Visual and Content Development” Training Programme 29-03-2021 To 29-03-2021
Seminar on “Gender Mainstreaming for Egalitarianism, Equity and Sustainability”
Seminar 30-03-2021 To 30-03-2021
One-day workshop on “Digital Media Tools for Agricultural Extension”
Workshop31-03-2021 To 31-03-2021
118 An Online Guest Lecture on Digital Marketing Guest Lecture 03-06-2021 To 03-06-2021
119 Online webinar series on Data Visualization using Tableau Webinar 29-07-2021 To 29-07-2021
120 Online placement training by Country Delight Company Placement Training 04-08-2021 To 04-08-2021
Online ICAR coaching class 09-08-2021 To 11-08-2021
121 The online skill development programme on “Video Production and Editing Techniques” Skill Development 19-08-2021 To 19-08-2021
122Certificate Course on “Nurturing Marketing Skills”Certificate Course07.09.2021
123Smart Farming GIS and DroneCertificate Course25.09.2021
124 Guest Lecture on “Bio Science, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability”Guest Lecture25.09.2021
125 Guest Lecture on “Bio Energy for Sustainable Development in Rural Agro Industries”Guest Lecture25.09.2021
126 Online Guest Lecture on “International Business Scenario – A Woman Agricultural Graduate’s Perspective” Guest Lecture 28.09.2021
127Guest Lecture on “Communication Skills” Guest Lecture 04.10.2021
128Guest Lecture on “Leadership and Entrepreneurship  Development”Guest Lecture04.10.2021
129Guest Lecture on “IoT Application in Agriculture Smart Farming” Guest Lecture 05.10.2021
130Guest Lecture on “Dry Flower Production” Guest Lecture 07.10.2021
131 International Conference on “Food Xplore 2021 – Global Trends in Food Processing and Food Safety” International Conference 12.10.2021
132 Industry Interaction Workshop on “Enhancing the Entrepreneurial and Employability Skills in fertilizer Industry and Allied Sectors”Workshop12.10.2021 To 14.10.2021
133Guest Lecture on “Seed Quality Assurance System International Seed Trade” Guest Lecture13.10.2021
134 Training on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” Training Programme 16.10.2021
135Training on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” Training Programme 18.10.2021 To 29.10.2021
136Workshop on “Micro Irrigation for Sustainable Crop Production and Water Management”Workshop23.10.2021
137Guest Lecture on “Perspective of Seed Industry” Guest Lecture 25.10.2021
138 Workshop on “Consortium Natural Dyes”Workshop25.10.2021
139Entrepreneurship Course on “Development of Employable Skills on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis”Entrepreneurship Course25.10.2021 To 29.10.2021
140 Guest Lecture on “Seven Qualities to Cultivate for Success” Guest Lecture 27.10.2021
141Training on “Block Chain Technology” Training Programme 27.10.2021
142Workshop on “Leadership from Within” Workshop 28.10.2021 To 29.10.2021
143Guest Lecture on “Emerging Trends in Landscape Architecture” Guest Lecture 01.11.2021
144Demonstration Programme of Augmented Reality Based Education Modules and Computer Aided Teacher Augmentation (CoATA) BuildDemonstration Programme 02.11.2021
145Certificate Course on “Employability Skills for Banking Sector” Certificate Course 08.11.2021
146Certificate Course on “Communication and Writing skills for Employment” Certificate Course 09.11.2021 To 13.11.2021
147Guest Lecture on “Avenue for Entrepreneurship for Agricultural Students” Guest Lecture 09.11.2021
148National Seminar on “Barnyard Millet – A Promising Crop for Future Needs”Seminar10.11.2021
149Demonstration on Paper Roll Seeding in Rice Guest Lecture 20.11.2021
150Entrepreneurship Course on Marketing simulation game “Learningbiz” Entrepreneurship Course01.12.2021
151An Awareness Programme on “World Soil Day” Awareness Programme 06.12.2021
152International Conference on “Global Perspectives in Crop Production for Food Security” International Conference 08.12.2021 To 10.112.2021
153Guest Lecture on “Irrigation Water Quality Criteria for Horticultural Crops under Micro Irrigation System” Guest Lecture 13.12.2021
154Two-day Workshop on Entrepreneurship simulation game “Learningbiz”Workshop14.12.2021 To 15.12.2021
155Two sessions of Certificate Course on “Nutrient Management of Crop Diseases” and “Soil Fertility Assessment” Certificate Course11.12.2021
154 Two sessions of Certificate Course on “Value Addition in Mushroom” and “Medicinal Mushroom Production” Certificate Course 11.12.2021
155One day Workshop on “Ecofriendly and Modern Technologies for soil and Water Conservation” Workshop 18.12.2021
156Two sessions of Certification Course on “Financial Opportunities to Start an Agri Clinic” and “Sharing of Experience by Agri Clinic Entrepreneurs” Certificate Course 18.12.2021
157Virtual Certificate Course on “Media Advertising and Graphic Designing” Certificate Course 18.12.2021
158An International conference (ECOFEST’ 21) on “Emerging Green Energy technologies and Environmental Sustainability” International
159One-day Online Sensitization Workshop for TNAU ICC and LCC members on “Responsibilities and Power of Internal commitee Member”Workshop23.12.2021
160Two-day Entrepreneurship Programme on “NGS Techniques and Metagenomics Analysis” Entrepreneurship Programme 23.12.2021 To 24.12.2021
161A Certificate Course on “Upgrading Employability skills for Banking Sector” Certificate Course 24.12.2021
162A Guest Lecture on “Traditional Water Management Systems in Tamil Nadu and it’s Relevance for the Present and Future” Guest Lecture 29.12.2021
163A Guest Lecture on “Sustaining Cities through Urban Horticulture” Guest Lecture 29.12.2021
164Two sessions of Certification Course on “Media Advertising and Graphic Designing” Certificate Course 22.01.2022 To
165Three days Workshop on “Harnessing Agri Graduate Students Towards Agripreneurship through Bio-inoculant Production ” Workshop 22.02.2022 To
166A Guest Lecture on ” Consumer Education Awareness Programme for Students” Guest Lecture 28.02.2022
167One Day Seminar on related to environment theme entitled “Biodiversity conservation ” Seminar 09.03.2022
168A Guest Lecture on “Environmental Pollution
and Mitigation Strategies”
Guest Lecture 09.03.2022
169A Guest Lecture on “Conservation of Biodiversity” Guest Lecture 09.03.2022
170 A Guest Lecture on “Instilling Social Responsibility among Emerging Leaders” Guest Lecture 09.03.2022
171 A Guest Lecture on “Upscaling Organic Wastes into Valuable Protein” Guest Lecture 15.03.2022
172 A Guest Lecture on “The Sociology of Discrimination and its contemporary Forms” Guest Lecture 16.03.2022
173 A Guest Lecture on “Poverty, Social Responsibility and Gender Empowerment and
Gender Equity”
Guest Lecture 16.03.2022
174 A Guest Lecture on “The influence of Cultural Macrosystem in Women Empowerment: Past, Present and Future” Guest Lecture 17.03.2022
175Orientation course on “Machine Learning Programme using Python in Agriculture
Certificate Course   18.03.2022 To 20.03.202
176One day Workshop on “How to write research articles and tools for plagiarism checking and Reference Management Tools” Workshop 23.03.2022
177One day Workshop on “Research Indicators & Publishing Ethics and Predatory Journals” Workshop 23.03.2022
1787th National Youth Convention on “Food Security to Nutritional Security: Youth
Perspective (FSNS2022)”
Conference 24.03.2022 To 25.03.202
179A Guest Lecture on “Vedic Yoga and Health Management” Guest Lecture 30.03.2022
180One day Online Workshop on “Recent Agricultural Extension Systems and Global Opportunity for Farm Graduates” Workshop 30.03.2022 To
181A Guest Lecture on ” Emotional Intelligence can matter more than IQ” Guest Lecture 30.03.2022