Innovations in agricultural technology are gaining momentum and the focus is not only on enhancing productivity but also quality and meeting the consumer preferences. The demand for skilled experts in managing hi-tech agricultural production systems that apply controlled production environment, ICT gadgets for executing and monitoring operations under smart farming, organic agriculture etc., are increasing. Managerial practices are transforming to encourage outsourcing production, developing national and global value chain management systems, logistics network, market oriented production and enhancing the market reach. Demographic changes, cultural adaptations, earning capacities and media reach have transformed consumer preferences, looking for nutrition, convenience and quality. Challenges imposed by climate change and environment concerns also demand human resources with domain expertise to handle such issues. On the whole there is a growing need for experts to manage several dimensions of agriculture which collectively have an impact on the welfare of farmers, and various stakeholders in agriculture, value chain and socio-economic development of the region, economy and trade. The State Agricultural Universities have a greater role to play in developing human resources that fulfil the needs of the industry in a dynamic environment. It is in this context, the proposal for Institutional Development Plan (IDP) for TNAU was proposed and Acknowledged to National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP), ICAR, New Delhi.

Duration: August 2019 – July 2022

Budget: NAHEP, ICAR – Rs. 24.86 crore & State Government – Rs. 5 crore


Objectives of TNAU – IDP

  • To improve learner centric environment by adopting innovative pedagogy and academic reforms
  • To promote student faculty diversity, competence, entrepreneurship, skill development and international outlook
  • To enhance education management by leveraging alumni network, technology and partnership