The college has a registered Alumni Association named Trichy Agri and Horti Alumni Association (TAHAA) Registered under The Tamil Nadu Societies Act, 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1975). The association has its office at ADAC & RI, Trichy, With Mr. K. Vijayalayan, General secretary, Mr. A. Murugan, Deputy General Secretary, Mr. Madhavan, President T. Eevera, Vice President, N. Sakthivel, Treasurer and Mr. K. Indrajit as Deputy Treasurer, the association has 20 executive members and 650 registered members. The Associated has undertaken various activities since as unregistered and registered body. Several motivational speeches with Civil service officers, Bank officials and leading entrepreneurs has been regularly arranged in the campus to motivate the UG students of the campus. The association has rendered monetary help of Rs. 2, 00,000 /- for limb replacement to Ms. M. Ramya of 2015 batch. The Alumni Arch has been constructed at the entrance of the campus with the contribution from the Alumni funds (Rs.10.99 lakhs) which was inaugurated with the Vice chancellor on 11th October, 2017. The Freedom 2018, an extravaganza of the campus was funded by the TAHAA the members have contributed Rs. 1,65,000/- for the successful conduct of the intercollegiate cultural competition. Contribution was made towards 2015 flood relief and recent Kerala floods and tree planting was taken up in the flood affected coastal areas. The 1998 – 2002 batch has adopted two under graduate students and have extended completed funding towards payment of fees for the entire UG programme. Regular batch meets once in every four years is being conducted in the campus.

Besides, about twenty students are serving in civil services in this State and in other state and central government organization at top management level. Alumni are working as scientists in national and international agricultural organizations. Several alumni are also working in this University and effectively contributing to the human resource development process. Some of the alumni joined the private sector have resigned from the service and have become agripreneurs. A considerable segment of the alumni are working in state agriculture department and financial institutions.

Our students into civil services since the inception of this College

Sl.No Name Civil Service Achievers Year
1. Mr.S.SolomonArokiaraj IAS 2000
2. Mr.M.Thennarasan IAS 2000
3. Mr.M.Selvendran IAS 2002
4. Mr. K.Srinivasan IAS 2005
5. Mr.S.Thirugnanasambandan IPS 2006
6. Mr.A.Arulanandakumar IRS 2006
7. Mr.M.Periyasamy IRS 2006
8. Mr.S.Yuvaraj IFS 2006
9. Mr.B.Radhakrishnan IAS 2008
10. Ms.P.Renukadevi IPS 2008
11. Mr.M.Tamilvanan IPS 2008
12. Mr.T.Ramalingam IRS 2008
13. Mr.R.Sathiyasundaram IPS 2009
14. Mr.K.S.Illayaraja IPS 2010
15. Mr.M.Manickam IRS 2011
16. Ms.J.Mercy IPS 2012
17. Shenbagapriya IFS 2013
18. Zahira Begum IFS 2013
19. K. M. Abharna IFS 2013
20. Mr.Kulothungan IAS 2016
21. Mr.Sathish IRS 2017