Agronomy Laboratory

Agronomy lab was fully equipped with all the essential instruments, chemicals & glass wares needed for study and research purpose for both UG and PG programme. Practical classes for both under graduate programme and post graduate programme of Agronomy, Physiology and Animal husbandry courses were handled effectively by utilizing the facilities available in this lab. The following instruments including  Electronic balance, Centrifuge, Flame photometer, Refrigerator, Hot air oven, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Weighing balance, Water bath, Leaf area meter, Conductivity meter, pH meter, Automatic N estimation system and Single distillation unit are available in agronomy lab.

Irrigation Cafeteria

The department having a model farm on an area of 1.25 acres, featuring pressurized irrigation technologies to demonstrate water saving and enhanced crop yield. The cafeteria features advanced head control unit, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and fertigation units. This cafeteria also involved in training farmers, students and extension personnel on various aspects of micro irrigation.

Vermicompost Production Unit

The aim of this unit is production of vermicompost and recycling of farm waste through vermicomposting. The students and farmers get hands on training on vermicompost production. During 2006 to 2017, 46001 kg’s of vermicompost and 20.9 kg’s earthworms were sold. The total revenue generated was Rs. 3,92,225/-

Modernized Veterinary unit

Veterinary and Animal sciences unit  has   Modernized Clinical Facilities, Dairy Unit, Goat Unit, Poultry Unit, UG Animal husbandry lab  and Fodder cafeteria for students classes and as a demo unit for farmers. In dairy unit different breeds of cattle such as Red sindhi and Jersey cross breeds are maintained under single row of housing system. In goat unit, we maintain Tellicherry breeds of goat by both extensive range of grazing system and intensive slatted raised floor system. In poultry unit, different types of avian species like chicken, turkey and Japanese quail are maintained.

Meteorological Observatory

B Class meteorological observatory was situated in the farm at 10o 45’ N latitude and 78o 36’ Longitude at an altitude of 85 m MSL. The average rainfall is 815 mm.

Food Processing Incubation cum Training Centre


The Food Processing Incubation cum Training Centre for Srirangam has been established at a cost of Rs.2.20 crores with the main objective to promote food processing activity in Tamil Nadu facilitated with infrastructure on a pilot scale. This centre will conduct training programmes on Fruit and vegetable processing,   Preparation of ready mixes, Bakery products, Millet based products, Masala powder / products on monthly basis. Thus this centre is expected to become self supporting through the training fee, incubation charges, sale of produce, etc.

Farm Management

Total area of the Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute, Trichy is 75.32 acres. Out of which, 41.32 acres of land area occupied by college administrative buildings, class rooms, play ground, hostel, cattle shed, Auditorium, guest rooms, threshing floors and staff quarters buildings. Area under Farm land is 34 acres, consists of two blocks (A and D) used for conducting field experiments. Seed production programme (breeder and foundation and TFL seeds) of paddy, green gram, ragi and green manure crops are also being carried out in the farm.