Current Research Activities

  • Fixing optimum dose of glyphosate plus AM fungi to prevent phytotoxicity symptoms in both weeds and plant.
  • Assessment of adverse role of AM fungi when combined with glyphosate in boosting availability of glyphosate residues that can affect plant growth.
  • Effect of over doses of glyphosate on crop growth and microorganisms like AM fungi, which reside in soil and roots of the host plant.
  • Recording the effect of application of glyphosate on seed germination and residue accumulation in soil and economic parts of crops
  • Estimation of growth promoting substances in wood vinegar
  • Evaluation of rapid enzyme inhibition test for pesticides detection and validation by spectrophotometer and GC/MS
  • Accounting carbon sequestering potential of soils managed by effective methods of tillage and application of organic inputs
  • Estimation of growth hormones involved in seed germination.
Name of Scholars Lab infrastructure utilized
Santosh Kumar, M.[Ph.D] Pressure plate Apparatus– soil moisture at field capacity, permanent wilting point and saturation.

Wet and dry sieve set for soil aggregate analysis

Elakiya, N.[Ph.D] FT-IR : to determine functional groups in substrates of growing media
Venkatesan, S.[Ph.D] LC-MS: Estimation of growth hormones involved in teak seed germination
Anandhan,J.[M.Sc.(Ag)] Soil sampling unit (Core sampler): For soil physical property analysis
Sivaraj,R.[M.Sc.(Ag)] FTIR Spectrometer for identification of functional groups in humic acid

AAS – to analyse iron in soil and sorghum plant parts

Brindhavani.P.M.[M.Sc.(Ag)] GC-MS, LC-MS, UV-Visible spectrometer – herbicide residue in fruits and vegetables
Vinothini.R.[M.Sc.(Ag)] AAS – to analysezinc content in soil and rice plant parts
Pavithra, K.[M.Sc.(Ag)] HPLC, GC-MS LC-MS: to estimate herbicide residues in soil and plant
Vinoth kumar,M.[M.Sc.(Ag)] FT-IR: to scan samples of groundnut and sesamum for identifying saturated and unsaturated fatty acids responsible for seed storage
Thamarai Selvi, R. [M.Sc.(Ag)] Spectrophotometer : Precipitation of P in saline irrigation water
Bhavadharani, M.[M.Sc.(Ag)] Spectrophotometer and GC/MS: Evaluation of rapid enzyme inhibition test for pesticides detection