Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics

PG Courses

The Department has offering M.Sc (Agri) in Plant Breeding and Genetics and following courses are handled by the faculties of the Department.


S. No. Course No. Course Title &Credit Hours Course Teacher
1. GPB 501 Principles of Genetics (1+1) Dr. T. Thirumurugan

Asst. Prof. (PBG)

2. GPB 504 Principles of Quantitative Genetics and Biometrical Techniques (1+2) Dr. P. Jeyaprakash

Prof. & Head (PB&G)

3. GPB 509 Biotechnology for crop improvement (1+1) Dr. P. Jeyaprakash

Prof. & Head (PB&G)

Dr. V. Rajanbabu

Asst. Prof. (Biotech.)

4. GPB 512 Breeding Legumes, oilseeds and fibre crops (2+1) Dr. S. Chitra

Asst. Prof. (PBG)

5. GPB 516 Germplasm Collection, Conservation, Exchange and Quarantine (2+1) Dr. A. Subramanian

Assoc. Prof. (PB&G)