Department of Plant Protection


Dr.C.Gailce Leo Justin, is the Professor and Head, Department of Plant Protection, Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute, Tiruchirappalli. He is specialised in Biological control of Insect Pests. Has 32 years of experience in the field of entomology in teaching, research and extension. Has specialized in establishment of Bio-control laboratory, large scale production and distribution of various biocontrol agents like Trichogramma, Chrysoperla, Cryptolaemus and has undertaken several  survey for collection and identification of tolerant strains of Trichogramma and Chrysoperla.  He has rich experience in bacterial pathogens and has evolved the Spicturin Bt var. galleriae against Diamond Back Moth. Has contributed for the release of five promising varieties of crops viz., rice, cotton and cinnamon and brinjal. Has brought a “Compendium of Entomology” which is a collection of terminologies and technologies in Entomology which serve as a reference material for Entomology students. Organized 12 training programmes funded by NATP to farmers, students, self help groups and farm women in entrepreneurship development programmes. Conducted TNSCST Sponsored training on commercial bee keeping to rural women. Has to his credit 70 research articles, 10 books, 10 book chapters and attended 42 Conferences/ seminars. He is the recipient of TNAU Best Book Award in 2005. He served as the Dean, The Indian Agricultural College, Radhapuram and Professor and Head, Agricultural Research Station, Thirupathisaram.