Department of Plant Protection


Excellent laboratory facilities like Residue laboratories, glass house, shade nets house, apiary and sericulture to with highly qualified and experienced faculty to handle UG as well as to conduct research at post graduate level for PG programme. The students are exposed to hand on training and demonstrable competencies in various technologies training programmes, surveillance programmes and diagnostics, applicable laboratory tools and analysis.

A modern lecture hall exclusively for PG teaching equipped with LCD Projector and a desktop with Online UPS to facilitate effective teaching and learning. A food safety laboratory with HPLC, GC, PCR, Image Analyser, Photo spectrophotometer, Nanodrop Spectrophotometer, Gel Documentation System, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, UV-Vis-Spectrophotometer, Gas generator is available for the PG student’s research. Shade net and glass house facilities are available for conduct of PG research programme.  An apiary unit with Indian, Italian and stingless bee hives and honey procuring unit has been established for beekeeping research and related activities. A biocontrol laboratory was established in production and distribution of important biocontrol agents. The mushroom and spawn production is being done by the students. The units are also utilized for teaching, research and extension purpose. The research farm facility available in the institute is being used for conducting field experiments.