Department of Plant Protection

Ongoing Projects

Following externally funded projects are functioning at this department


Title of the Project Budget

(Rs. in lakh)

Funding Agency
Lumivia- Bioefficacy Trial: Efficacy of Chlorantraniliprole 625 g/L FS (Lumivia) for the Management of Fall Army Worm in Maize Crop 6.62 Private Agency


University Core Project

Sl.No Title of the Project Budget(Rs. in lakh) Funding Agency
1 Exploring botanicals and newer insecticides and their detoxifying mechanisms for the management of stem borer complex in rice. 1.5 TNAU Core Project
2 Assessment of insecticide residues using instant residue diagnosing kit on crop plant samples and household level in comparison with analytical procedures”. 1.5 TNAU Core Project
3 Management of citrus nematode by liquid bio-products applied through drip irrigation system. 1.5 TNAU Core Project
4 Controlled Atmosphere storage of paddy using acetylene as alternate gas 1.0 TNAU Core Project
5 Development of polyherbal based greengram seed protectant against pulse beetle Callosobruchus aculates 1.5 TNAU Core Project