Department of Plant Protection Ongoing Schemes

Ongoing Schemes

Sl.No Title of the Projects Name of the Project Leader
1 Lumivia- Bioefficacy Trial:

Efficacy of Chlorantraniliprole 625 g/L FS (Lumivia) for the Management of

Fall Army Worm in Maize Crop

PI: Dr. C. Gailce Leo Justin

Professor and Head (PP)

Co-PIs: Dr. P. Yasodha


Dr. S. Sheeba Joyce Roseleen

Asst. Professor (Entomology)

2 CPPS/TRY/ENT/RES/2018/CP027 “Assessment of insecticide residues using instant residue diagnosing kit on crop plant samples and household level in comparison with analytical procedures” Dr.P.Yasodha

Asst. Prof (Ento)

Dr.S.Sheeba Joyce Roseleen
Asst. Prof (Ento)

3 AECRI/ TRY/APE/2018/CP153

Controlled atmosphere storage of paddy using acetylene as alternate gas

Dr. R.Viswanathan Prof. (APE) Dr.P.Yasodha, AP(Ento)

Exploring botanicals and newer insecticides and their detoxifying mechanisms for the management of stem borer complex in rice

Dr. S. Sheeba Joyce Roseleen, Asst. Professor (Ento.)

Sept, 2018- Aug, 2021

5 SEC/TRY/SST/GGR/2018/CP028

Development of polyherbal based greengram seed protectant against pulse beetle Callosobruchus maculatus . (F)

Dr. T. Eveera, Asst Prof (SST)

Dr. S. Sheeba Joyce Roseleen, Asst. Professor (Ento.)

6 CPPS/TRY/NEM/FRU/2018/CP094.Management of citrus nematode by liquid bio-products applied through drip irrigation system. (Sept, 2018 – Aug, 2021) Dr. J. Jayakumar,

Asst. Professor (Nematology)

7 CPPS/TRY/PAT/GGR/2019/ 001: Management of root rot of greengram using salt tolerant biocontrol agents Dr. P.T. Sharavanan,

Asst. Prof. (Plant Pathology)