Department of Social Science

Hod's Desk

Comprehensive science linking agricultural science and economic society, from production to consumption

The Department of social science is specialized in education and research related to the socio-economic aspects of agriculture and food. Our research focuses on socio economic analyses of agriculture and food ‘from farm to fork’. We offer related services to governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as to corporations and civil society.

Research themes

  • Consumer acceptance of technological innovations in the food chain
  • Trends and changes in food and dietary choice
  • Rural sociology and agricultural extension
  • Rural market access, cooperatives contracts andInstitutional changes
  • Evaluating the efficiency and sustainability of the resource use outcomes.
  • Business-to-business relations including FPOs
  • Marketing Intelligence, Analysis of prices, focused on the development of models related to supply and demand that explain and predict price evolutions
  • Development of AI and IOT application in agriculture