Department of Social science

Scheme Number Name of the Scheme Name & Position Duration
CARDS/TRY/ AEC/2018/CP095 Analysis of price transmission along the value chain with special reference to Red chillies Turmeric black gram and coconut S. Selvam
CARDS/TRY/ AEC/2018/CP154 A Study of Collective    Farming     SchemeIn  Tamil   Nadu. S. Selvam (PI) 2018-19
CARDS/TRY/LAN/2018/001 புறநானூறில் வேளாண்மைத் தொழில்நுட்பங்கள் முனைவர். ம. மணிமேகலை
முதன்மை ஆய்வாளர்
April 2018 to  March 2020
Attitude of Farmers towards KCC & farm broadcast on AIR Dr.D.Periyar Ramasamy (PI)


July 2018 to May 2020
HSCRI/TRY/FSN/2018/001 Formulation of millet based therapeutic breakfast foods. Dr. K. Geetha July 2019 –

June 2021

Core Project A study on post harvest management and prices of small onion in Tamil Nadu

(Rs.2.52 lakhs budget)


Dr. R. Parimalarangan


Core Project CARDS/TRY/ AEC/2018/CP154

A Study    of Collective    Farming  Scheme In  Tamil   Nadu (2.75 lakhs)


S. Selvam


AECRI/CBE/PSC/2018/001 Design and development of android application for pest management using image enhancement techniques to cotton farmers for decision making Dr. M.Kalpana