Department of Social science

PG Education

Agricultural Economics
PGS 603 Intellectual  Property rights and its Management In Agriculture(0+1)
Credit Seminar (0+1)
Research (0+4)
Agricultural Extension
PGS 605-Agricultural Research, Research Ethics and Rural Development for Agricultural Research (0+1)
On Campus
STA 501-Statistical Methods (1+1)
STA 601-Applied mathematics (1+1)
STA 603-Data Analysis Techniques for Agrl. Sciences  (0+1)
STA 601-Statistical Methods  (1+1)
STA 602-Design of Experiments (1+1)
STA 601-Statistical Methods (1+1)
STA 503-Design of Experiments (1+1)
STA 504-Computer Applications in Statistics (1+1)
Off Campus
STA 501 Statistical Methods (1+1) AC & RI, Killikulam
PGS 602 –Technical Writing and Communication Skills (1+1)