Ongoing Schemes

  1. NRM/TRY/SAC/RIC/2015/001(URP Serial No. 229) :Permanent Manurial Experiment on Rice – Pulse cropping sequence in sandy clay loam calcareous sodic soil (Typic Ustropepts) of Trichy under wet land condition
  2. NRM/TRY/SAC/RIC/2016/001: “Development of technology for improving rice productivity in sodic soil under water scarce condition”
  3. NRM/TRY/SAC/BIO/2017/001: Studies on the protein status of white and brown Rice grain in selected varieties cultivated in and around Tiruchirapalli district.
  4. NRM/TRY/SAC/BCH/2019/001: Impact of biochar additions on herbicide sorption in soil
  5. NRM/TRY/SAC/RIC/2019/001 Refinement of Fertilizer Prescription Equations for Paddy under Sodic Soil through Soil Test Crop Response correlation studies
  6. HCRI/TRY/HOR/FRU/2019/001
  7. Micro Nutrient mixtures to augment yield and quality of Guava (Psidium gujava) under sodic soil condition.
  8. New: Isolation and characterization of elite Rhizobium strains suitable for Greengram raised under sodic soils of Manikandam block
  9. New: Screening, Evaluation and construction of nitrogen fixing microbial isolates information in the library of MALDI-TOF from different centres of TNAU.