Department of Soil Science PG Courses

PG Education

Since the inception of Post Graduate programme was started in the year 2013 in the department of Soil Science.  Students are involved in the research work for the period of three trimesters under the guidance of the advisory committee comprising of Chairman and Members of the faculty of related interest pertaining to research. The following is the major PG courses are being offered by the department.

S. No Courses Course Title Credit hours
1 SAC 501 Soil Physics 2+1
2 SAC 504 Soil Mineralogy, Genesis, Classification and Survey 2+1
3 SAC 511 Analytical Techniques and Instrumental Methods in Soil and Plant Analysis 1+1
4 SAC 502 Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Use 2+1
5 SAC 503 Soil Chemistry 2+1
6 SAC 513 Management of Problem Soils and Waters 2+1
7 SAC 516 Plant Chemistry and Nutrition 2+1
8 SAC 510 Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for Soil, Water and Crop Studies (Minor) 2+1
9 BIC 501 Plant Biochemistry (Minor) 2+1
11 PGS 504 Basic Concepts in Laboratory Techniques 0+1

Research Credits

1 591 Seminar 0+1
2 599 Research 0+20