Centre for Post Harvest Technology Ph.D Courses


The scientists of this centre are offering courses in their respective disciplines to the students of Agriculture, Horticulture, Agricultural Engineering, Food Technology, Biotechnology, Agribusiness managementetc., for under graduate, post graduate and doctoral level programmes, besides their research and outreach activities.

S.No. Course No.   Title Credit hours
1. FSN 804 : Advances in Food Science and Technology 2+1
2. MCB 805 : Food Safety management 2+1

Ph.D students guided by the faculty

S.No. Title of the thesis Degree program Guided by
1 Development of functional food enriched with folate producing lactic acid bacteria M.Sc(Ag) Dr. Z. John Kennedy
2 Biomass deconstractivity microbes  from the protected forests of Assam M.Sc(Ag) Dr. Z. John Kennedy
3 Source tracking of Norvo virus in food and agricultural products Ph.D Dr. Z. John Kennedy