Computer Center

About the Unit

An exclusive Computer Centre was established in a separate building under the network of Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS) sponsored by the nationwide Agricultural Human Resource Development Program (AHRDP) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research. The building was opened on 22nd July 2001.


  • UG Lab

Implemented UG Lab with 40 Systems, LCD and support of 3 numbers of UPS to provide the lab facility (including Internet) for UG students for their computer courses.

  • PG e-Learning Lab

Implemented PG e-Learning Lab (A/C hall) with 30 nodes, LCD and the support of 2 hours UPS to provide lab facility (including Internet) for PG students for their computer courses (Statistical packages).

  • Video Conferencing

We have two conferencing units (for students and farmers’ training) for conducting HRD classes and Farmers’ training.


  • Internet Connection

The campus is facilitated with 24 x 7 Internet of 18 Mbps bandwidth, that is the Campus is taken care with wide Internet connections, 123 nodes in all of the departments and the maintenance of the computers are provided with frequent services.

  • Hostel Wi-Fi Connection

Four hostels namely Mullai, Kanthal, Shenbagam ,Kurinji and Mallikai are facilitated with 24 x 7 Wi-Fi network system and about 400 students of UG & PG benefit out of it.