Department of Agricultural Entomology About Department


The Department of Agricultural Entomology strives to offer a better quality education to both B. Sc. (Ag.) and M. Sc. (Ag.) students. The scientists and post-graduate students of the department undertake research programmes to address the problems faced by the farmers of the Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu. In order to achieve the vision of gradual replacement of pesticides in the agro-eco-system, the faculty is committed to work not only in host plant resistance both in rice and in rice fallow pulses but also in bio-rational strategies involving bio-control, behavioural approaches, botanicals and natural products. The facilities in the department include well-stocked UG and PG laboratories, Bio-control lab, Food Safety and Quality Lab (NABL) for testing agri-horti produces, screenhouse and insectary for sericulture and apiculture. The scientists involve themselves in trainings on IPM and beekeeping.


To serve as a centre of excellence in plant protection research for the benefit of the farmers of the southern districts of Tamil Nadu through need-based integrated pest management strategies for key insect pests besides conservatory biocontrol, chemical ecology and food safety through pesticide usage reduction, residue detection and management.