Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics Technologies Developed

Technologies Developed

A.Release of Cumbu Napier Hybrid KKM 1 grass


  • Interspecific cross derivative of Cumbu IP 15507 x Pennisetum purpureum FD 429.
  • More leafy (168 numbers/clump) with long, broad and soft leaves
  • The leaves are soft when compared to those of CO 2 and CO3.
  • The leaves have high calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin content with very low oxalate content as compared to CO 2 and CO 3.
  • High fodder yield potential of 288tonnes/ha/year which is 44 per cent higher than that of CO 2 and 50 per cent more than the yield of CO 3.
  • It accounted for higher quantities of micronutrients such as Zinc and Manganese
  • The fodder has more crude protein @ 9.85g per 100g of dry matter.
  • Suitable for southern districts of Tamil Nadu  garden  land situations

B.Release of Blackgram KKM 1

  • Parentage : COBG1 643 x VBN 3.
  • Duration : 65-70 days.
  • High yielding.
  • Mean grain yield 607 Kg/ha.
  • Maximum yield (Akola – Central zone) 1515 Kg/ha.
  • Resistant to root knot nematode.
  • 7 per cent arabinose content.
  • Superior cooking quality.
  • Suitable for cultivation in rice fallow condition.
  • Moderately resistant to Yellow mosaic virus and Pod borer.