Department of Plant Pathology About Department

The Department of Plant pathology was established at AC&RI, Killikulam during the year 1991 to offer PG courses. Prior to that this department was functioning as a unit offering UG courses under   the Department of Plant Protection. Two Professors and two Assistant Professors are available in the Department to handle UG & PG courses. Separate lecture halls for UG and PG students are available with LCD facility for conducting theory classes. One biocontrol lab and one PG lab well equipped with all facilities/ instruments to carry out the PG research also available. Biocontrol lab and mushroom shed is available to provide hands on training to UG students on mushroom cultivation and mass production of biocontrol agents.Two students are allotted for each scientist for PG guidance.

Extension service provided to the farmers of southern district

  • Production and supply of mushroom spawns (300 g bags) to the mushroom growers of southern districts of Tamil Nadu under VCS scheme
  • Production and supply of Talc formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Trichoderma viride (1 Kg pockets) using fermentors under VCS scheme
  • Imparting training on mushroom cultivation and spawn production to the unemployed youth and farm women in southern districts of Tamil Nadu
  • Production and Supply of pulse based bioinoculants (Rhizobium, Pseudomonas  and VAM) in semisolid condition (10 g pockets)  using Tangential flow filtration(TFF) system under NADP scheme.
  • Production and supply of rice based bioinocuants (Azospirillum, Azotobacter, Pseudomonas, Phosphobacteria and PPFM) in liquid condition (300ml) using Fermentors  / TFF system under NMSA scheme.

Production  of biocontrol agents since 2008 under VCS

  • From this centre, 17 tonnes of talc formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens have been supplied so far. The farmers growing rice in approximately 6800 ha were benefitted. Four tonnes of Trichoderma viride were also supplied to farmers growing pulses in 1600 ha.
  • During the year 2017-18, a sum of Rs. 136 lakhs has been allotted under NADP scheme to this Department to establish bioinoculants production unit to supply bioinoculants such as Pseudomonas, Rhizobium and PPFM to increase the productivity of pulses in Tirunelveli,Tuticurin and Kanyakumari districts.