Health Centre

The AC&RI Killikulam Campus has a health centre, since 1987. It is operated with a medical officer, one staff nurse and one nursing assistant. The medical officer is in-charge of the health centre. The team is providing health care round the clock.

  • Free medicines are provided to the students, staffs and labourers.
  • Provided with basic medications like Antipyretics, Antibiotics, Antocids, Antihistaminics, Antiemetics, and Antispasmodics etc.
  • Equipped with glucometer, BP Apparatus, Pulse Oxymeter, Nebuliser, Infra-red lamp, ECG machine, strelizing instruments like autoclave, etc.
  • Round the clock Ambulance service has been started from 2018.
  • Register regarding outpatient care, medicine stocks and instrument stocks are being maintained.
  • Medical camps are conducted every year in collaboration with NSS team of the college.
  • Regular monitoring of the preventive steps against arthropod borne diseases like dengue is being done by the medical officer and Nilavembu Kashayam provided to the student, staffs, and labourers periodically.
  • Awareness programmes regarding HIV, Drug Abuse & Illicit trafickking, leprosy etc are conducted.