About the Unit

The Sports performance is the result and expression of the total personality of sports man in addition to the physical fitness, technique and tactics. The sports man should posses certain personality traits, habits and above all positive beliefs, values, attributes and interests for training and competition. Sports training are a process of preparation of sportsman, bases on scientific and pedagogical principles for higher performance with this definition, sports activities are being followed by this college.

The first B.Sc(Ag) students abilities were tested in speed (i.e 100 Mts run), explosive Power (Long Jump and Shot put), endurance (400 mts run) during the regular physical education classes by which the identified students were nurtured in sports and games with extra care.

After preliminary and qualifying trails, talented players were selected to form various teams to participate in Inter – Collegiate Tournaments, Open Tournaments and University high level Tournaments. For which the regular practices, intensive coaching, coaching camps and friendly matches are being conducted for the team players. Players with the proper guidance are being given by our Director of Physical Education for the active participation. Our sports personalities clinched championships as a result of their tireless and continuous practices.

Facilities Available

Our College Physical Education & Sports wing is being provided various sports facilities such as

  • Foot Ball
  • Volley Ball
  • Basket Ball
  • Kho-Kho
  • Cricket
  • Ball – Badminton
  • Shuttle – Badminton
  • Kabaddi
  • Athletics
  • and Indoor facilitiesand also physical fitness centre for the development of physical fitness of the students.