Agriculture and Allied Sciences Other Department Specific Facilities

Facilities in Horticulture

  • Mini orchard of 0.25 acre maintained.
  • High density planting of Mango varieties viz., Alphoso, Au-Rumani, Mulgoa, Bangalora, Sendura, Himayuddin, Banganapalli, Neelum and Kalepad totally 120 plants around 75cents
  • Planting of Sapota varieties viz., PKM1, PKM4, PKM5, Cricket ball and Kirthipathi totally 75 plants around 50 cents
  • Acid Lime 40 nos., Sour Orange (Nartankai 25 nos.), Custard Apple-25 nos around 50 cents
  • Amla 40 plants around 50 cents
  • Guava variety Lucknow 49 and Hafsi  around 50 cents Jamun 10 nos, Wood Apple 10 nos and Manila Tamarind 5 nos.  planted at  border  of  Orchard, Pudukkotai elite jack varieties Cashew variery VRI 3-(20 Nos.) were planted Maintaining of bamboo seedlings Maintaining of Flower crops and ornamental plants  Maintaining of   plant propagation structures viz., mist chamber, polyhouse and shade net
  • Scion bank was raised for Mango var. Himayudddin and Alphonso totally 30 numbers and Sapota var. Cricket ball and oval around 30 nos.