Dr.M.Madhan Mohan is working as Associate Professor (Plant Breeding & Genetics) in Agricultural College & Research Institute, Kudumiyanmalai, Pudukkottai District. He is the Head of the Department of Crop Improvement comprising of Plant Breeding & Genetics (PB&G), Seed Science & Technology (SS&T) and Biotechnology. He is a well known rice breeder who is instrumental in the release of rice varieties viz., VGD 1 during 2019 and TPS 4 during 2006. He is having 15 years of experience in the field of rice breeding and seed production activities (Nucleus Seed & Breeder Seed). He is handling courses for the UG programme from March 2019 onwards.

He was awarded with TNAU Best Researcher Award 2012 during 2013 and Journal Malarum Velanmai – “Excellence for the Best Researcher Award-2013” at Coimbatore. During his College days, he was known for his Tissue Culture expertise in Rose and Sugarcane at Agricultural College & Research Institute, Madurai. He was awarded with TNAU : BWX Ponnaiya and Mrs. Mercy Ponnaiya Award for his Ph.D. thesis during 2002 and AC&RI, Madurai College Award (2001) for getting highest OGPA during 2001.

He has guided one M.Sc. (Ag.) student during 2018-19 and guiding 3 UG students during 2019-2020 for their project work. He is having One Book (ISBN), five Book Chapters (without ISBN), three International  Research articles, 13 National articles, one research note, 18 conference papers, 24 poster papers,  seven manuals, 30 popular articles, five Radio talk and two TV programmes to his credit.