Crop Protection Ongoing Schemes

  University Research Project Project Leader Duration From to
1. CPPS/KDM/ENT/GNT/2020/001
“Effect of water stress on the above-below ground herbivore interactions and natural enemies’ performance in Groundnut ecosystem.”
Dr. R. Nalini April 2020 March 2023
2. CPPS/KDM/ENT/SMM/2020/001   Silica induced resistance against borer pests of barnyard and finger millets Dr. P. Chandramani July 2020 June 2023
3. CPPS/KDM/PAT/MUS/2019/001 Collection and identification of edible mushroom species from natural habitat of Gaja cyclone affected areas of Pudukkottai district and assessing their edibility Dr. N. Revathy May 2019 April 2022
4. CPBG/KDM/PBG/BGR/2020/001 Development of blackgram (Vigna mungo L.) mutant resistance of leaf crinkle virus  (Co PI) Dr. A. Vijayasamundeeswari 2020 2023