Basic Engineering and Applied Sciences Ongoing Projects

Ongoing projects

  • ICAR-RF/KUM/ASE/D003 ICAR- Mega Seed Project Revolving Fund scheme on “Seed Production in agricultural crops” 2019-2020(continues from 2009)
  • VCS 60EE Production and Supply of teak and other tree seedlings 2019-2020(continues from 2008)

Sub Projects-3

  • SEC/KUM/SST/SPN/2019/001 Seed Production of rice varieties and annual moringa PKM1 2019-2022 (As PI)
  • CPBG/KUM/PBG/SES/2019/001: “Development of sesame variety suitable for summer irrigated conditions” Period: 2019-2022
  • CARDS/KUM/AEX/2019/001: “Sensitization training on recently developed technologies and modern machineries in agriculture” Period: 2019-2021

Action Plan-2

  • CSM 2019-Pulses (Action Plan no.4) – Seed encapsulation for mechanized sowing of greengram (Period: Aug 2019 to July 2021)
  • CSM 2019-Millet (Action plan no.5) – Seed pelleting for mechanized sowing in small millets (Period: July 2019 to June 2022).