Basic Engineering and Applied Sciences Ongoing Schemes

Dept of Basic engineering and Applied Sciences has been conducting research on seed enhancement techniques, seed pelleting, nursery establishment techniques for agricultural crops and forest trees. The Director (CPBG) instructed to have research mandate on development of varieties suitable for summer irrigated conditions and new URP was approved by Director of research to conduct research on sesame breeding. VCS on seedling productions and Revolving fund for seed production have been operated in Dept of Basic Engineering and applied Sciences.

Details of research projects being operated at Dept of BEAS in 2019-20

  1. ICAR-RF/KUM/ASE/D003 ICAR- Mega Seed Project Revolving Fund scheme on “Seed Production in agricultural crops” 2019-2020 for 22.60 lakhs.
  • Produced and distributed Foundation, Certified and TFL seeds of cereals, pulses, oil seeds, annual moringa and greenmanure crops and vegetative propogules of CO 4 grasses and coconut seedlings to the farmers of Tamil Nadu and South India. A total quantity of 20,520kg of paddy TKM13, IW Ponni and CO52 varieties had been supplied to the farmers during 2019.
  1. NADP Project Farmers participatory demonstration of MGR100 rice in Tamil Nadu under NADP 2018-2020 for 11.44 lakhs
  • Conducted 20ha FLD and 10ha seed production of CO52(MGR100) rice and produced 28,400kg quality seed and distributed to the farmers.
  1. NABARD/AEC/KUM/ASE/2018/T002Skill oriented training on operation, repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery 2018-2019
  • Trained 60nos. of rural unemployed youth for preparing nursery, maintenance and seed production in agricultural crops.
  1. VCS 60EE Production and Supply of teak and other tree seedlings 2019-2020 for Rs.48 lakhs
  • Produced and distributed more than 15,000 nos. of teak, commercial important multipurpose trees and ornamental seedlings to the farmers of Tamil Nadu