Farm Machinery and Power Engineering Other Department Specific Facilities

Implements released from the department of Farm Machinery and Bioenergy at AEC&RI, Kumulur

A total 10 implements were released during 1996 to till date. The name of the implements is furnished below

Sl. No. Year Name of the Implement
1 1996 Tractordrawn irrigation channel former
2 2004 Impacttypegroundnutstripper
3 2007 A sub soilerattachmentforstump removal
4 2008 Battery operatedportable wetland weeder
5 2008 Battery operatedportable wetland weeder
6 2011 Self propelled flail-mower for cutting grasses and bushes
7 2012 Improved coconut tree climber
8 2012 Tractor operated multi-purpose hoist
9 2013 Self-propelled multi-crop multi-row weeder
10 2016 Tractor drawn precision pulse seeder