Processing and Food Engineering Completed Schemes

Externally funded scheme

Project No. Title Period Progress made
ICAR-CRP-SA “Establishment of APC on Millets, Pulses, Fruits and Vegetables at AEC&RI, Kumulur under Consortia Research Platform on Secondary Agriculture 2017-2020 Established Pulses cum minor millet processing centre and training programmes are being conducted in a periodical manner to the farmers, entrepreneurs, rural youths etc.

In the third phase purchase of fruits and vegetables processing machinery is in progress.

Venture Capital Scheme

            A venture capital scheme on “Manufacturing and marketing of bakery products – V 60 JH” wassanctioned to this college for Manufacturing and marketing of bakery productsthrough the Dept. of Processing and Food Engineering. Request has been sent to the Comptroller for the release of seed money. Production will be started as soon as the money has been released.