Department of Agricultural Engineering Technologies Developed

1. University Sub Project

Project title and No. Outcome
University Sub Project DCM/CBE/AGR/MAZ/2017/001. Enhancing water use efficiency and water productivity of maize – vegetable cropping systems

Drip fertigation at 125% PE recorded higher maize grain yield of 7213 kg/ha and economical benefit (Net income of Rs.63664 per hectare and BC ratio of 2.35) with a water saving of 35 % when compared to conventional irrigation method. 

The results were presented in the Millets and Forages Scientists meet 2019 and was recommended for adoption as per the the scientific workers conference 2019 report.

2. On-farm trial

Name of the on-farm trial Outcome
Sprinkler irrigation on different black gram varieties under summer irrigation condition
  • Sprinkler irrigation at 100% PE recorded lower water use (405 mm) compared to surface irrigation (467 mm) in both the varieties of blackgram (ADT 5 & VBN 6) respectively. 
  • Sprinkler irrigation resulted in 15.3 per cent water saving compared to surface irrigation in both the black gram varieties (ADT 5 and VBN 6). Higher water productivity of 2.30 and 2.82 kg ha-1mm-1 was recorded in ADT 5 and VBN 6 black gram varieties respectively under sprinkler irrigation.
  • Among the two black gram varieties, Vamban 6 performed better with 22.6 per cent increased yield over that of ADT 5 in summer season with sprinkler irrigation .