Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology


The Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology started as a separate discipline in Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai during the year 1971 and involved in triple functions of the University.

Post Graduate programme in Agricultural Extension was started in 1979 and Ph.D.  in Extension Education Programme was started  in 2015.


  • To impart education for Under Graduate, Post Graduate students of Agricultural Extension and Communication in M.Sc.(Ag.) and  Ph.D., in Agricultural Extension.
  • To strengthen farmer-scientist linkage in collaboration with the State Department of Agriculture, NGO and various schemes
  • Provide opportunities to the students for studying the rural situation and gaining direct farm experiences,to get expertise in entrepreneurial and managerial skills through RAWE Programme,
  • Undertake socio- economic research on the problems pertaining to farm household, rural employment, adoption of technologies and the living status of farming community in Southern districts of Tamil Nadu.


To prepare Extension professionals with required Skill sets and to engage on pragmatic research on the issues pertaining to delivery of Agricultural Technologies and building the capacity of all stakeholders in Farming.


To enhance the socio-economic conditions and livelihood of peasants through rigorous field research and implementing appropri­ate behavioural engineering tools among them on a sustainable basis.