Department of Agricultural Microbiology


During the establishment of Agricultural College in 1965, the Agricultural Microbiology was a unit attached to the Department of Botany. Later, in 1972 it was attached to the Department of Biology. In 1984, Agricultural Microbiology was established as a separate Department in AC and RI, Madurai. A separate PG programme in Agricultural Microbiology was started during the year 1987. In addition to the teaching of various aspects of Agricultural Microbiology to B.Sc (Ag.), B.Sc (Food Nutrition and Dietetics), M.Sc (Ag.) students the research activities were strengthened in thrust areas of Agricultural Microbiology. Keeping in mind, the needs of the farmers of southern districts, a biofertilizer production unit was started during 1984. A separate biofertilizer production and quality control unit was constructed with the support of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi.Liquid inoculants production facilities are strengthened through  GoTN-NMSA funding in the year 2018. Apart from this a separate facility for Mycorrhiza inoculum production through ROC and aeroponic culture has been created under GoTN-NMSA scheme.


  • To impart quality education and research in the sphere of Agricultural Microbiology
  • Development of Multifunctional biofertilizer strains for enhanced plant nutrition and soil health
  • Inoculant development for drought mitigation, stress tolerance and bioconversion
  • To create awareness on biofertilizer technology among farming community, supply of quality biofertilizers and provide advisory services.


  • Development of suitable biofertilizer technologies for the crops grown in southern districts of Tamil Nadu
  • In vitro production of mycorrhiza inoculum through newer approaches


  • Offering structured PG degree programme in Agricultural Microbiology
  • To develop suitable bioinoculant technologies for Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry
  • To produce mycorrhizal inoculum through root organ culture and aeroponic system
  • To develop novel formulations of biofertilizers
  • To provide analytical and advisory services on biofertilizers.


  • Supply of Biofertilizers.
  • Supply of mother cultures of biofertilizer strains to entrepreneurs
  • Quality assessment of various biofertilizers
  • Training and Advisory services to farmers on the usage of biofertilizers
  • Hands-on training to the students for quality inoculum production