Department of Seed science and Technology


The Department of Seed Science and Technology came into existence on 01.04.2010. Previously it functioned as Seed Science and Technology Unit as a University Plan Scheme under the Department of Plant Breeding from 05.04.1981. Crop physiology is a part of the department.


  • Promoting the use of quality seeds in Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu.
  • To educate SST & CRP courses to undergraduate students in seed science and technology and crop physiology.
  • To teach and  guide PG students in Seed Science
  • To impart knowledge on quality seed production to extension functionaries
  • To educate the farmers about the physiological disorders and its management.
  • To undertake research in seed science for furthering seed quality
  • To produce seeds of agricultural and horticultural varieties released from AC & RI, Madurai.


  • Fostering research in climate change, its impact on seed production.
  • Improving seeds to suit precision farming.
  • Development of suitable molecular markers to identify varieties / hybrids.
  • Molecular characterization of primed seeds.
  • Development of educational content through book publications.
  • Strengthening PG Education.
  • Development of diagnostic kit and software for the identification of nutrient deficiency in crops.
  • Development of biostimulant tonic to boost flower and vegetable production.

Awards (Faculty)

Name of the Scientist & Designation Date Name of the Award Organization who has given the award
Dr. V. Vakeswaran

Asst. Prof

16.8.18 Received best oral presentation award International institute of Knowledge Management , Colombu, Srilanka
Dr. K. Sujatha, Professor (SST)


19.11.18 Received best Tamil book writer award 4th  National  conference on “Agricultural Scientific Tamil Organised by TNJFU OMR Campus, Vanianchavadi, Chennai held during November 19 and 20, 2018.

Awards (Students)

Name of the Scientist & Designation Date    Name of the


Award  who has given the award
S. Polizarasi,


12 &13.8.17 Best oral presentation  award 3rd National conference in Tamil held at TNAU, Coimbatore
K. Sadasivam (2016611803) &

S. Venketasan (2016611805)

30 & 31.8.17 II.M.Sc (Ag). Students selected and registration charges waived and participated in the Regional workshop on Preventing grain losses: Scientific approach held at TNAU, Coimbatore
E. Jalapathi  (2016611801) 22 &  23.9.17 Best     Poster award National seminar  on” Emerging trends in processing and value addition of small millets “ organized by TNAU, Coimbatore and Dhan foundation, Madurai .
S. Venkatesan (2016611805) 25.10.18 and26.10.18 Best poster presentation  award National Seminar on Abiotic Stress Management: Challenges & Opportunities (NSASM 2018) at Department of Crop Physiology, TNAU, Coimbatore – 641003