National Cadet Crops (NCC)

1. Parades during Saturdays

Parades are the institutional trainings and it is essential to complete 40 parades in a year for a NCC cadet. The time period is two hours per parade and the regular parades have been conducted during Saturdays from 6.00 – 10.00 AM for four hours (Two parades). In the first two hour, we mainly impart the drill skill in the cadets along with physical fitness and the next two hour, the theoretical knowledge about common subjects (NCC, National integration, Civil Affairs, Social Awareness and Community Development, Health and Hygiene, Environmental Awareness and Conservation, Personality Development and Leadership Development) and army subjects (Basic Organisational set up of Armed Forces, Map reading, Field Craft and Battle Craft, Military History and Communications) will be taught to them.

2. Camps

Camps are the outside institutional training conducted with different objectives. It is mandatory for a cadet to complete atleast one Combined Annual Training Camp (usually 10 days) before each certificate exam (Either B or C exam). In the last five years, our cadets have attended CATC, Basic Leadership Camps, Advance Leadership Camps, State Level Firing Camps, Trekking Camps (Ooty and Darjeeling), Army Attachment Camp (Hyderabad) and National Integration Camps (Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu & Odissa) at various places with specific objectives.

3. Weapon trainings

The art of handling the weapon is also pre- requisite for a NCC cadet to go with weapon drill and also use it during emergency period. Every year, the cadets are deliberately taught about the parts and components of 0.202 rifle, 0.303 rifle, Indian Small Arms System (INSAS), Self Loading Rifle (SLR), LMG (Light Machine Gun) and MMG (Medium Machine Gun). The loading and unloading, Stripping and Assembling and also the cleaning methods were taught to the cadets with original rifles in the Battalion by the trained army staff.

4. Other trainings

a) Obstacle training

The obstacle course is launched at our college during 2000 and consist of ten obstacles viz., Straight balance, Clear jump, Gate Vault, Zig –zag balance, High wall, Double- ditch, Right hand vault, Left hand vault, Ramp and straight balance. There is an exclusive class for this obstacle training and will be dealt by trained person.

b) Traffic system

The basic traffic system maintenance has been taught by the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Inspector and SI of Police to the cadets in the class and also on the field. The cadets have been given with field situation in the presence of police personnel.

c) Fire Fighting

This is an emergency training given by the fire service department authorities about how to control the fire, how to safeguard the materials, how to rescue the people. It involves the teaching of causes and prevention of fire, mode of spread and different type of equipment to control fire with live demonstration.

d) Yoga training

As per the guidelines of PM of India, the yoga training has been given to the NCC cadets and yoga day has been conducted by all the NCC cadets of India on June 21st of every year from 2015.

e) Natural Disaster training

This training was offered by the Civil Defence Organization (CDO) to the cadets how to work during the natural disaster period. In which cadets can act as Rescue group, traffic control group, shelter management group, sanitation group, carcass management group.

f) Pre- Commission Course Training at Kamptee

The NCC officer of this college has successfully completed the Three Months Army Training at Officers Training Academy, Kamptee, Nagpur from 15.09.2014 and 13.12.2014. This course was mainly to equip the officer in all sorts of training to the cadets.

5. NCC day celebrations

The NCC day was celebrated during the last week of November every year. The cadets were exhibited their talents by delivering the National Integration Messages in English and Tamil, sung the patriotic songs, mime acting and pyramid structures in befitting manner. The Dean of AC&RI, Madurai presided over the function and delivered the presidential address.

6. Certificate Examinations

Sl.No Year Boys Girls Total
1. 2013 8 17 10 15 18 32
2. 2014 1 8 10 1 18
3. 2015 8 17 25
4. 2016 8 8 6 16 14 24
5. 2017 5 8 5 5 10 13
6. 2018 10 5 18 5 28 10
7 2019 7 10 6 18 13 28
Total 40 46 56 51 109 125

7. Guard of honour

The NCC cadets have involved in the rigorous training to the Independence day (15th August) and Republic Day (26th January). The parade created goosebumps on everyone and made really happy, very energetic on that day. The timely command, foot movements and turn out of cadet’s were perfectly matched with the beating of drums very alluring that created the remembrance of the National parade in New Delhi. This parade specially had praise from all corners and was also well appreciated by the staff and viewers. The girl cadets were equally good as the boys and their performance was flamboyant. It’s really a matter of team work, hard work, sincerity and practice which brought the best out of every NCC cadet.

8. Competitions

a) Firing competition

            Three cadets Mr. C. Bala Vivin Sundar, M.Vignesh and P.Thirumoorthy of our D/12 coy have attended the firing competition at battalion level and got selected for the Group level competition. At group level competition, one of our cadet Mr.Vignesh has been selected for the Zonal level shooting competition at Paramathi Velur during May 2015.

            The two cadets Ms.Swetha and Ms. Swetha have got the first and second prize in the shooting competition conducted at CATC during 2017 and also in 2018. At the same time, Ms.Gopika has been selected in the shooting competition held at CATC, Idayapatti and participated in Zonal Shooting camp at Paramathi Velur during May 2018 where she ranked 4th in the competition.

b) HEBAT 2015

            This programme has been organised with the memory of Late.Maj. M.Saravanan who has sacrificed his life for the sake of mother nation India during Kargil war 1999. It was organised by Army wing of St.Joseph’s College, Trichy every year for their alumni Maj.M.Saravanan in which thirteen colleges were participated. In which we won the second prize for the Flag area competition.

9. Hiking programmes

The cadets were actively involved in the hiking programmes to Yanaimalai, Chithannavasal, Malaiyur, Top station and Kodaikanal every year with utmost interest.

10. Social service activities

a) Traffic control: Our college cadets are actively involving continuously in the regularisation of traffic in three critical junctions nearby the college viz., Government Girls HSS, Ulaganeri, High Court and Othakkadai – Narasingham- Thirumogur junction. Every day our cadets are actively taking part along with the police officials (Traffic) during their free timing in the evening.

b) Awareness campaign on road safety by cycling : The awareness campaign has been organised with the help of Police department (Traffic) on 07.03.2015 at Othakadai, Narasingam and Thirumogur village. Almost 40 NCC cadets disseminated the leaflet to the villagers on road safety. They also gave the messages and evil effects on non-wearing of helmet, Travelling in foot board of buses, drunken driving and cellphone driving.

c) Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: This is the programme launched by the Prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi during October 2014. Under which cleaning should be given priority from our our premises and up to nation level. Bearing this slogan in mind, ignited minds of our NCC cadets were actively involved in the firing range cleaning work for three days at our college.

d) Blood donation: The NCC cadets Mr. C. Bala Vivin Sundar and Mr.P.Thirumoorthy were involved in the Blood donation to the needy people during the last year 22.10.2014 at Madurai Medical College.

e)Cancer Awareness rally: Twenty three boys cadets from our College have been participated in the cancer awareness rally from Gandhi museum to Anna Nagar

f) Digital Awareness Campaign: All the cadets willingly participated in the digital awareness campaign as pointed out by the Prime Minister.

g) Water day Campaign: All the cadets were participated in the mass campaign of water day and contacted the people and informed about the water and its saving.

h) Blue Whale Campaign: The campaign has been conducted among the students of AC&RI, Madurai & CSC&RI, Madurai against the evil effects of suicidal blue whale game. Since the young students are involving in the internet game, this campaign has brought out importance of NCC to students

i) Girl Child Awareness Campaign: All the cadets willingly participated in the Girl Child awareness campaign as pointed out by the Prime Minister in which the importance and contribution of girl child has been explained among the young couple and also with girl child parents. Six of the cadets have discussed the this topic among the cadets

j) Uthiram, Marathon: All the cadets were participated in the mass campaign of Uthiram, Marathon from MMC, Madurai regarding blood donation awareness

k) Swatch Bharat campaign: The importance of cleaning has explained to the nearby villages viz., Malayalathanpatti and Kodikulam

l) Vaccination awareness rally: The importance of vaccination to the children has been explained to the quarters people and also to nearby villages

11. Salient achievements

LT.B.VINEESH has been selected as an Army officer through NCC special entry and he is the first cadet to achieve these feet in our university. He has been posted in Artillery Unit, Bikaner, Rajasthan. He has completed B.Sc. (Ag) during 2010-14 at AC&RI, Madurai. He entered Army through SSB interview directly without writing any examinations since he has completed ‘C’ certificate in NCC. He has been selected for the training by August 2016 and entered Officers Training Academy, Chennai from 1st October 2016 and completed his training by 9th September, 2017.

12. Training at Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai

CUO.CM.Sathya has participated in the SSB training capsule conducted at OTA, Chennai from 16 SEP TO 21 SEP 2019 as only representative of Madurai Group and one among the three from Tamil Nadu. She also bagged second prize in the Best Cadet Selection at Madurai Group level.