Computer Centre

Community Science College Computer Centre has over the years served as a hub for IT related services on the campus. The Computer Centre has a significant role in Internet Browsing Point, Statistical Data Analysis Point, Troubleshooting Work, Multimedia Teaching, Hostel Wi-Fi Connectivity, Online Admission Assistance, ICT Training, Statistical Package Installation, E-books and E-journals Accessing Point. Community Science College Computer Centre provides varied services to all faculty members, staff and students. Computer Centre supports the 10mbps fibre optic network that connects all the academic departments, hostels, libraries, building blocks, examination hall and other central facilities. The Computer centre provides e-campus facility comprises of Internet, open for 24×7 with a high speed and uninterrupted connectivity. Department laboratories, hostels and libraries provided computing facilities through the wired Gigabit LAN connectivity and Wireless Access Points.

ICT ICT enabled Smart Class rooms

Power Point presentation, Video lessons, e-learning modules etc.,

Video Conferencing lectures

No. of computers LAN enabled Computer Center with 23 computers.
Networking facilities 10 Mbps BSNL ILL Connectivity
Wi-fi  enabled classrooms and Halls

Internet facilities have been provided to each class room, all the six departments and the staff rooms of the respective department.

All the UG Students utilize the Internet facilities for their academic program.

Projectors, and interactive boards,

Projectors are available in each class room to facilitate smart class learning experience.

Well equipped class rooms with audio visual aids are available to teach the students.  It has been initiated for presentations and conversations through audio and video conferencing to be done as per the curricula.

Interactive boards are also available to improve the Learning capabilities of the students, to facilitate participatory learning approach and for enhanced collaboration in terms of web portals and websites.