University Research Projects

Ongoing University Research Projects


Title of the Project and number Project leader


1. HSCRI/MDU/FSN/2018/001 Standardization of texturized vegetable protein blending mushroom and selected underutilized pulses Dr.S.Kanchana Professor and Head 2018 – 2020
2. HSCRI/MDU/FSN/2018/005  Functional beverage from quinoa Dr.G.Sashidevi  Associate Professor 2018 -2020
3. HSCRI/MDU/FSN/2017/002 Exploitation of tamarind varieties for product diversification R. Vijayalakshmi Associate Professor 2017-2019
4. CARDS/MDU/HSC/AEX/2018/002 – Assessing the Technological Gap in the cultivation of Major Vegetable Crops in Madurai District. Dr.A.Janaki Rani              Associate Professor 2018 – 2019