Extension Education and Communication Management


Extension Education and Communication Management is one of the department of Community Science College and research Institute, Madurai. The broad purpose of the department is to train students in extension techniques and communication technologies to enable them to transfer Community Science information and technologies to rural families in such a way that people understand and adopt new ideas and improved technologies for better family living


  • To provide basic knowledge on Extension Education to the stakeholders particularly the students.
  • To understand need and role of Community science extension and communication management in upbringing the family and society.
  • To develop understanding in planning and using various methods and media for transfer of appropriate technologies to rural families.
  • To develop professional competence in planning and preparation of information and communication material for rural and urban community.
  • To develop necessary competence to take up profession in information technology andØ communication management.
  • To carry out the three fold mandate of the University – Teaching, Research and Extension for the welfare of the Stakeholders such as farmers, SHG women, Unemployed youth, entrepreneurs etc