Health Centre

The University Dispensary at Community Science College & Research Institute, Madurai is now functioning with one part time Medical Officer, one Staff Nurse, one Pharmacist, and 2 Nursing Assistants. The University Dispensary is well equipped with emergency equipments such as AMBU bag, nebulizer, pulse oximeter, glucometer, and other basic equipments such as a ward with cot and mattress, infusion stand, dressing trolley, autoclave, and other day to day dispensing medicines for treating minor ailments.

Besides the regular medical services, various dispensary activities such as eye camps, National pulse polio immunization camp, National de-worming programme, etc. in collaboration with local health departments were provided to the Staff, Students and laborers from central farm and various departments of Community Science College and Research Institute (CSC & RI) and Agricultural College and Research Institute (AC & RI), Madurai.