Ph.D. Students Research

Name of the Student & ID.No Year Thesis Topic Chairman Name


1992 Studies on the influence of metal utensils and machineries on the trace elements profile of selected south Indian foods Dr.S.Neelakantan


1992 Studies on the use of indigenous grain protectants during storage of raw rice and greengram Dr.S.Neelakantan
C. Ramalingam


1994 effects of thermal processing on the proteins and utilization of protein isolate from CO1 soybeans in selected south Indian dishes Dr. S. Neelajantan


1998 Studies on the vitamin A status and morbidity of rural preschool children Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
S. Kanchana


2001 Studies on the development of high protein foods using soyabean Dr. A.Susheela Thirumaran


1998 Studies on the storage of paddy using indigenous plant products Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran


1998 Studies on the prenatal care of pregnant women and infant feeding practices in Madurai district Dr.G.Manimegalai
R. Jagan Mohan


1999 Studies on the rice based convenience foods Dr. G. Manimegalai
P. Krishnamoorthy


1999 Studies on the effects of processing techniques on the  nutrients, antinutients and utilization of soybean Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
P. Geetha


2000 Shelf life of minimally processed vegetables under modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
Cissie Theeblyn David


2001 Comparative study on vacuum, modified atmospheric and shrink packaging of fresh banana (Musa paradisiacal), fresh sapota (Achras zapota) and minimally processed jack fruit – flakes/bulbs (Artocarpus heterophyllus) Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
P. S. Geetha


2001 Studies of processing and qualities of value added fermented cassava based pulse flour incorporated products Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran


2001 Studies on the utilization of whey in RTS beverages and bakery products Dr.G.Manimegalai
G. Sashidevi


2001 Processing and evaluation of traditional fermented south Indian foods (Paniyaram and adhirasam) Dr. G. Manimegalai
P. G. Thenmozhi


2001 Improvement of postharvest life of selected fruits and vegetables grapes, French beans, cluster beans, curry leaves and coriander leaves through Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and storage Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran


2001 Effect of processing on the nutritional quality of selected pulses and developing pulse based foods Dr.G.Manimegalai
Kala Lingam


2003 Processing and evaluation of fruit based eggless instant cake mix Dr.G.Manimegalai
S. Suguna


2002 Development of high fiber bakery products and the impact of fiber enriched bread on the glycemic response of selected non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) subjects Dr. G. Manimegalai


2002 Development of value added products from millet and tuber blends Dr.G.Manimegalai


2003 Processing and preservation of osmo-dried fruit slices Dr.D.Malathi
S. Kannan


2004 Studies on the feasibility of utilization of composite flour mixes processed from sorghum and whole wheat flours Dr. D.Malathi


2004 Processing of value added products from fruit powder Dr.D.Malathi


2004 Fortification of beta carotene rich fruit pulp in pasta products Dr.D.Malathi
K. Karthiga


2005 Development of iron rich supplementary food and its impact on pre schoolers Dr.S.Amutha
V. Meenakshi


2005 Vitamin A nutrition of selected school children and effect of dietary supplementation Dr.K.Sheela
B. Nallakurumban


2005 Screening of green leafy vegetables (GLVs) for micronutrients from tribal areas of Madurai district and impact of selected GLV powder on iron nutritional status Dr.P.Banumathi
T. Vanitha


2005 Post harvest and processing techniques for Gherkins (Cucumis anguria) Dr.D.Malathi


2006 Effect of nutrient supplementation on physical and cognitive development among school children Dr.K.Sheela
D. J. Nithya


2006 Effect of yogasanas various health parameters of selected normal weight, overweight and obese persons Dr.M.R.Premalatha
A. Sangeetha


2006 Identifying appropriate food combinations for improving iron bioavailability from selected green leafy vegetables Dr.M.R.Premalatha


2006 Impact of entrepreneurship training to farmers on value added fruit products Dr.P.Banumathi
L. Karpagapandi


2007 Influence of natural antioxidant on oxidative stability frying performance and health benefits of cooking oils Dr. P. Banumathi
R. Sahul Hameed


2007 Developing convenience foods from tenderized spent hen meat Dr.M.R.Premalatha
S. Kamalasundari


2009 Interventions strategies to reduce obesity among office going people Dr.M.R.Premalatha


2009 A comparative study on drying techniques for protein enriched mango bar Dr.P.Banumathi
G. Sindumathi


2010 Enhancing the shelf life of fresh cut fruits and vegetables using bio preservatives Dr. S. Amutha


2010 Study on application of chitosan coating to extend the shelf life of peeled small onions (Allum ascalonicum L.) Dr.T.Padmini


2010 Screening of mushroom variety (Pleurotus spp) for the development of convenience foods Dr.P.Banumathi
G. G. Kavitha Shree


2011 Efficacy of equitable interventions in combating childhood obesity Dr.M.R.Premalatha
S.Jeya Bharathi


2012 Formulation and quality evaluation of cereals, legumes and greens based nutritious mix Dr.P.Banumathi
S. Jesupriya Poornakala


2013 Influence of domestic cooking and processing on the antioxidant potential of selected vegetables Dr.T.Padmini


2012 Standardization of fructo oligosaccharide (inulin) incorporated multigrain mixes and assessment of its hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effect Dr. M. R. Premalatha
Baskar, M


2012 Optimization of processing and preservation techniques of Sapota Juice Dr. T. Padmini,


Thilagavathi, T


2012 Optimization of technology for millet and pulse blended low glycemic functional pasta foods for metabolic disorders Dr. S. Kanchana,


Priya, R


2013 Hypolipidemic Effect of Mushroom Based Nutraceutical Foods Dr. S. Amutha,


Revathi, D


2013 Standardization of nutrient enriched health mixes from nutria-cereals Dr. G. Hemalatha,
Kasthuri Thilagam.R


2014 Enrichment of Nutraceutical Properties through Blending and Interesterification of Oils and Assessing the Hypolipidemic Effects Dr. S. Kanchana,




2014 Status of the effect of long term ingestion of high fat diet on leptin and insulin levels as contributors to the pathogenesis of obesity Dr. G. Hemalatha,


2014 Utilization of selected food processing industry by products for the development of novel foods Dr. S. Amutha,


S.Uma Maheshwari 2015825101 2015 Development of starter culture for production of quality panchamirtham – a fermented ethnic fruit mix Dr. S. Amutha,




2015 Standardization & evaluation of fortified extruded rice analogues Dr. G. Hemalatha,
P. Sheela


2015 Development of functional fermented millet based drink for combating vitamin B12 deficiency Dr. S. Kanchana,




2016 Processing of underutilized green leafy vegetables for improving the micronutrient intake of rural household Dr. G. Hemalatha,


2016 Study on reducing the acryl amide formation in fried potato chips and assessing its carcinogenic effect Dr. S. Amutha,




2016 Extraction of pulse protein concentrates and its application in functional food products development Dr. G. Hemalatha,



2017 Phytochemical Screening and anti-adipogenic activity of nanoencapsulated bioactive compounds of Horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) in 3T3-L1 cells Dr. S. Amutha,


Shunmugapriya. K


2017 Standardization and Stabilization of Millet milk and Extending its shelf life Dr. S. Kanchana,


Thirukkumar. S


2017 Functional benefits and safety assurance of cotton seed milk extract      (Gossypium Spp.) Dr. G. Hemalatha,
Thirumurga Ponbhagavathi. T.R


2017 Standardisation of Texturized Vegetable Protein blending Mushroom and  underutilized pulses Dr. S. Kanchana,


Vasantha. T


2017 Characterization of kavuni rice for nutritional and therapeutic properties and its bioavailability Dr. S. Amutha,


T. Aruna


2018 Edible nanoemulsion of citrus peel essential oil for shelf life extension of minimally processed orange and papaya Dr. G. Hemalatha,


2018 Development of nanoliposomal iron fortified pasta products Dr.R.Saravanakumar




2018 Thermal and non thermal techniques to extend the shelf life of Palmyra palm tender fruit endosperm Dr. S. Kanchana,




2018 Standardization of absorption effectors to increase the bioavailability of vitamin D in milk and milk products Dr. S. Amutha,




2018 Development of millet based functional fruit beverage Dr. S. Amutha,




2018 Standardization of therapeutic value added products utilizing grape seed Dr. S. Kanchana,


M.J.Anitha Sri


2019 Effect of anticarcinogenic compounds of Annona muricata during processing of value added products Dr. S. Kanchana


2019 Comparative study of phytochemical profile, anti-oxidant capacity and anti proliferative activity of brown rice and germinated rice Dr. G. Hemalatha,


2019 Exploring the bioavailability of beta carotene and iron in value added products from moringa oleifera parts Dr. S. Amutha,




2019 Assessing the functional properties of vegetables protein isolates/hydrolysates and its application in foods Dr.R.Saravanakumar


M.Sc. Students Research

S.No Name of the Student & ID.No Year Thesis Topic Chairman Name
1 Y.Vasundhara 1983 Parboiling characteristics of millets like samai (Panicum miliare) and varagu (Paspalum scrobiculatum) Dr.S.Neelakantan


2 K.Rajeshwari 1983 Studies on the improvement of shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables using simplifies evapocooling chamber suited to rural households Dr.S.Neelakantan




V.Rajyalakshmi 1983 Studies on the effect of pre treatments on milling of Redgram (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp.) Dr.S.Neelakantan


4 R.Subashchandra Bose 1983 Studies on the physicochemical properties of animal fats, their utilization and the quality of the prepared products Dr.S.Neelakantan


5 M.Shashikala 1984 Studies on bottling of buttermilk as a ready to serve beverage Dr.S.Neelakantan


6 K.V.S.V.Prasad 1984 Studies on enhancing the shelf life of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.) at ambient conditions Dr.S.Neelakantan


7 S.Anuradha 1985 Studies on the changes in vitamins and minerals content during processing and storage of some traditional south Indian dishes Dr. G.Manimegalai


8 M.Neeraja 1985 Studies on the important quality characteristics of certain chilli cultivars (Capsicum annuum L.) and their changes during and storage Dr.S.Neelakantan


9 R.Jeyanthi 1985 A study on the nutritional status of the pre-school children in rural areas and urban slums Dr. G.Manimegalai


10 P.Thuyamani 1985 Studies on the occurrence and the production of patulin in selected horticultural commodities Dr.S.Neelakantan


11 K.Meena 1986 Studies on the product quality of banana, jackfruit and coconut during osmotic dehydration and subsequent storage Dr.S.Neelakantan


12 R.Shanthi 1986 Studies on the effect of south Indian cookery on the content of trypsin inhibitor and flatus compounds of soybeans (Glycine max) Dr.S.Neelakantan


13 R.Thilagam 1986 A comparative study on the changes in the quality aspects of legumes during storage with special reference to red gram and black gram dhals Dr.S.Neelakantan


14 S.Amutha 1987 Studies on the trace minerals profile of sambars and poriyals due to cooking in aluminium, hindalium, stainless steel and cast iron utensils Dr.S.Neelakantan


15 M.S.Karuna 1987 Studies on the feasibility of utilizing dried tapioca chips for the manufacture of sago Dr.S.Neelakantan


16 S.H.Anitha 1988 Studies on osmotic dehydration of coconut using tapioca starch as the osmotic agent Dr.S.Neelakantan


17 K.Rathna 1988 Studies on the feasibility of utilizing puffed Bengal gram flour in bakery products (Bread and Biscuits) Dr.S.Neelakantan


18 S.Kanchana 1989 Studies on the formulation of high protein snack foods using soybean Dr.S.Neelakantan


19 S.Ruth Vennila 1989 Studies on the sorghum flour-fermented milk blends-their preparation, nutritive value, storability and acceptability in certain south Indian dishes Dr.S.Neelakantan


20 A.Manjula 1989 Studies on the physic chemical characteristics and post harvest changes during ripening of selected Ber cultivars (Ziziphus spp.) grown in Tamil Nadu Dr.S.Neelakantan


21 H.Geetha 1990 Studies on the tapioca flour fermented milk coagulum blends, their preparation, nutritive value, storability and acceptability in certain south Indian dishes Dr.S.Neelakantan


22 B.Gowri 1990 Studies on improving the nutritive value of idli (a fermented south Indian food) using specific strains of microorganisms Dr.S.Neelakantan


23 T.Vallimayil 1991 A study on the effects of socio economic status on the nutritional status of the preschool children (1-5 year) in selected areas Dr.S.Neelakantan


24 T.M.Jeyanthi 1991 Studies on improving the nutritive value of the fermented milk (Dahi) using specific strains of the microorganisms Dr.S.Neelakantan


25 A.Kavitha 1991 Studies on preservation and pickling of coconut Dr. G.Manimegalai


26 H.Senthilkumar 1991 Preliminary study on the osmo air dehydration of two ber varieties Dr.S.Neelakantan


27 M.Shanthi Priyatharshini 1991 Changes in ascorbic acid content due to processing of amla fruits Dr.S.Neelakantan


28 Y.Prabakar 1992 Studies on the storage stability of defatted and full fat soy flours Dr.S.Neelakantan


29 Samuel Jesudas 1993 Studies on developing an on farm technique of accelerated ageing for freshly harvested rice Dr.S.Neelakantan


30 S.M.D.Mathuravalli 1993 A study on the effects of socio economic status on the nutritional status of mothers (20-28 year) and the pregnancy outcome in selected urban slum areas of madurai city Dr. G.Manimegalai


31 R.Kumar 1993 Studies on steeping preservation of fresh coconut kernels in acidified sulphited brine Dr. G.Manimegalai


32 J.Arulmozhi 1994 Studies on the stability of nutrients and quality due to solar drying, dehydration and storage of green leafy vegetables Dr.S.Neelakantan


33 S.Jesupriya Poornakala


1994 Drying characteristics of banana – robusta – Grape – Anab-e-sahi, Carrot –  nantes and Clusterbean-Pusa navabahar during sun and solar drying Tmt.Saraswathi Eswaran
34 S.Aregash 1995 Studies on the development of cereal–millet-pulse based baked products (bread, bun and naan) Tmt.Saraswathi Eswaran
35 M.Hema, 93-621-002 1996 Studies on storage behaviour of vegetable halwas (Carrot and Pumpkin) packed in flexible pouches Dr. G.Manimegalai


36 P.Krishnamoorthy


1996 Studies on the physic-cehmical characteristics post harvest changes during pre-packaging, storage and utilization of selected Moringa cultivars (Moringa oleifera) in Tamilnadu Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
37 A.Nirupama,


1996 Studies on contaminations of idli batter with pathogens and their growth during fermentation and preparation of idli (An Indian fermented food) Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
38 S.Ramah


1996 Studies on processing and preservation of bittergourd Dr. G.Manimegalai


39 P.Geetha


1997 Increasing the shelf life of banana (Musa paradisiacal L.) Guava (Psidium guajava L.) papaya (Carica papaya L.) and sapota (Manilkara achras L) by vacuum packing Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
40 M.Manichitra


1997 Feasibility of utilizing defatted soy flour in bakery products Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
41 Nithya Jesudason


1997 Standardisation of soymilk yoghurt Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
42 M.Sangeetha               94-621-006 1997 Effect of incorporation of defatted soy flour and green flour for papad processing Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
43 P.G.Thenmozhi              94-621-008 1997 Studies on nutritional and antinutritional profile of selected cowpea varieties Dr. G.Manimegalai


44 Cissie Theeblyn David


1998 Increasing the shelf-life of banana (Musa sp. AAA), Jack fruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)-flakes/bulbs and sapota (Achras sapota) by edible film coating and vacuum skin packaging Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
45 S.Devi


1998 Socio-economic and nutritional status of selected farm women of Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
46 A.Krishnaveni


1998 studies on the storage behaviour of Jackfruit products Dr. G.Manimegalai


47 R.S.Laxmi


1998 Incidence of Ischemic heart disease with reference to age, sex, socio economic status, dietary habits and dietary management of the same Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
48 A.Priya


1998 Physico chemical properties of sweet potato varieties and its utilization Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
49 D.Shanthi


1998 Studies on the storage behaviour of instant idli and vada mixes Dr. G.Manimegalai


50 R.M.Sobana


1998 Studies on development and processing of papaya based fruit bars Dr. M.R.Premalatha
51 Tessy Antony Payyappilly


1998 Standardisation of soymilk shrikhand Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
52 S.Akilandeshwari


1999 Preservation of idli-South Indian fermented food Dr. M.R.Premalatha


53 Laxmi Priya Dharshini


1999 Incidence of colon cancer and development of moderate fiber foods Dr.P.Banumathi


54 R.Kalpana


1999 Enzymatic clarification of fruit juices for concentrates Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
55 Subha Narayan


1999 Processing and evaluation of weaning mixes based on greens and malted grains Dr. G.Manimegalai


56 V.Venkatalakshmi


1999 Lipid profile of non insulin dependent diabetics (type 2) and developing suitable high fibre foods Dr. M.R.Premalatha
57 M.C.Aruna


2000 Development of vitamin fortified soy  biscuits and its effects on the nutritional status of the selected children Dr. A.Susheela Thirumaran
58 S.Bhavani


2000 Processing and evaluation of instant adai mix Dr. G.Manimegalai
59 D.Bhuvaneshwari


2000 Processing and preservation of high protein khakara Dr.M.R.Premalatha
60 G. Gnana Sheeba


2000 Increasing the shelf life of Bhendi (Abelmoschus esculenntus(L.) Moench), Bittergourd (Momordica charantia L.) and Green chillies(Capsicum annuum) by vaccum packaging Dr.M.R.Premalatha
61 G.Guru meenakshi


2000 Improved Dehydration Techniques For Processing of Pepper Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
62 B.Nalini


2000 Developing high fibre composite flour mixes from selected food stuffs Dr. G.Manimegalai


63 K.Shanthi


2000 Storage Stability of Protein-Enriched Mango Bars in Different Packaging Materials Dr.P.Banumathi
64 M.Shiamala


2000 Processing and preservation of MDU2 (Pleurotus flabellatus berk and br) mushroom by dehydration Dr.P.Banumathi


G. Gnana Sheeba


2000 Increasing the shelf life of Bhendi (Abelmoschus esculenntus(L.) Moench), Bittergourd (Momordica charantia L.) and Green chillies(Capsicum annuum) by vaccum packaging Dr.M.R.Premalatha
65 K.Shanthi


2000 Storage Stability of Protein-Enriched Mango Bars in Different Packaging Materials Dr.P.Banumathi
66 G.Guru meenakshi


2000 Improved Dehydration Techniques For Processing of Pepper Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
67 D.Bhuvaneshwari


2000 Processing and preservation of high protein khakara Dr.M.R.Premalatha
68 B.Nalini


2000 Developing high fiber composite flour mixes from selected food stuffs Dr.G.Manimegali
69 T. Vanitha


2001 Processing and preservation of greens (Amaranthus gangeticus) Dr.G.Manimegali
70 K.P.Siva Kumar


2001 Increasing the Shelf Life of Vegetables Through Minimal Processing and Modified Atmosphere Dr.A.Susheela Thirumaran
71 P. Banumathi


2001 Impact of nutrition education on dietary practices of selected rural farm women Dr.P.Banumathi
72 K. Bairavi



2001 A study on the effect of socio – economic status on nutritional status of rural women (20 – 35 years) in Madurai district Dr.A.Andal
73 P.Lakshmi


2002 Effect of Processing and Preservation on b-Carotene and Ascorbic Acud Contents of selected Vegetables Dr.G.Manimegali
74 A. Rathi Devi


2002 Processing and preservation of bottlegourd (Lagenaria siceraria) Dr.S.Amutha
75 R. Jeyadeepa


2002 Processing and evaluation of ready – to-  use cluster bean products Dr.G.Manimegali
76 K. Amutha


2002 Processing and preservation of underutilized vegetable – Beet root (Beta vulgris) Dr.P.Banumathi
77 T. Kalavathy


2002 Development of fiber rich products from selected food groups Dr.S.Amutha
78 R.Shobana



2002 Processing of sorghum flakes and developing value added products Dr.P.Banumathi
79 A.Vijayakumar



2002 Studies on osmotic dehydration characteristics of selected mango cultivars Dr.G.Manimegali
80 C.Anitha


2002 Quality evaluation of selected paddy varieties Dr.G.Manimegali
81 K.Jothilakshmi


2002 Development of wheat based high fiber food products Dr.M.R.Premalatha
82 P. Gomathi


2002 A study on the nutritional status of elderly women (60 – 70 years) in selected areas in Madurai Dr.M.R.Premalatha
83 Priya Uppin


2002 Effect of the herbs, meshoshringi (Gymnema sylvetre) and fenugreek (Trigonella foenum) on blood glucose and serum insulin levels of selected type 2 diabetes Dr.G.Manimegalai
84 L. Karpagapandi


2003 Nutritional profile of the selected elderly supplemented with developed geriatric food Dr.P.Banumathi
85 C. Rani Padmini


2003 Impact of spirulina supplementary food on the nutritional status of preschool children and development of value added spirulina products Dr.P.Banumathi
86 D.Sugasini


2003 Value added wheat vermicelli Dr.M.R.Premalatha
87 R. Sakthi subashini


2003 Processing and evaluation of herbal drinks Dr.S.Amutha
88. J. M. Nirmala Devi


2004 Selection of tomato varieties suitable for instant mixes Dr.S.Kanchana
89 G.Vijayalakshmi


2004 Processing and Preservation of Onions Dr.M.R.Premalatha
90 P.Vidhya Lakshmi


2004 Development of cereals, millet and pulse based fermented products Dr.S.Amutha
91 J.Karthika


2004 Development of nutrient dense pizza Dr.D.Malathi
92 V.Srimathi


2004 Glucose lowering effect of traditional breakfast preparation by incorporating hypoglycaemic mixes in selected male NIDDM subjects Dr.K.Sheela
93 S.Kavitha


2004 Formulation and development of low cost infant weaning biscuits Dr.K.Sheela


94 A. Nithya


2004 Impact of nutri mix on the selected female athletic performance Dr.P.Banumathi
95 R. Nagajothi


2004 Lifestyle of selected obese working women in Madurai city Dr.M.R.Premalatha
96 B.Pallavi


2005 Development of instant food mixes from underutilized jack seed flour Dr.D.Malathi
97 N. Jothi


2005 Imparting knowledge on nutrition and health principles to school children through educational packages Dr.S.Parvathi
98 S. Lakshmi Bharathi


2005 Quality characteristics of green pepper cultivars and their changes during processing and storage Dr.S.Amutha
99 B.Subbulakshmi


2006 Utilization of oats for health foods Dr.M.R.Premalatha
100 S. F. Nusrath Banu


2006 Processing of greens based ready- to- use vegetable soup mixes Dr.P.Vennila
101 A. Sangeetha


2006 Identifying appropriate food combinations for improving iron bioavailability from selected green leafy vegetables Dr.M.R.Premalatha
102 T.Amaravathi


2007 Processing of spiced pineapple ready to serve beverages Dr.P.Vennila
103 S.K.Mathanghi


2007 Dietary factors and its association to risk factors of cardio vascular diseases with specific reference to fruit and vegetable intake Dr.G.Hemalatha
104 P.Karuppasamy


2008 Development and standardization of value added products from millets Dr.S.Kanchana
105 C.Thamilselvi,                   06-621-205 2008 Development of lime based and Alma based Nutraceutical Ready –To-Serve (RTS) Beverages Dr.S.Amutha
106 J.Manju Parkavi,           06-621-202 2008 Comparative study on microwave, hot air and solar drying of guava Dr.T.Padmini
107 T.Thilagavathi
2008 Standardization and quality evaluation of sugarcane syrup Dr.G.Hemalatha
108 Kamugisha A.M. Janvere                        09-621-204 2011 Effect of selected post harvest treatments on shelf life and quality of potatoes Dr.M.R.Premalatha


109 Zigiriza Lucia,              09-621-205 2011 Processing and Value Addition of Banana Powder Dr.S.Amutha
110 Umutoni Mediatrice,  09-621-203 2011 Product development from cassava based composite flour Dr.T.Padmini
111 R. Priya, 10-551-205 2012 Standardization and evaluation of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) based bakery products Dr.G.Hemalatha
112 J. Devipriya,                   09-621-201 2012 Effect of processing on the antioxidant activity of selected green leafy vegetables Dr.G.Hemalatha
113 T.Sivasakthi,                    11-551-202 2013 Storage stability of brown rice flour and grits and its suitability for product development Dr.G.Gurumeenakshi
114 R. Gokhal Seetha,           10-551-202 2013 Studies on storage behaviour of brown rice and its suitability for product preparation Dr.G.Gurumeenakshi
115 R.Yogeshwari,                 11-551-206 2013 Standardization of blended millet flakes for breakfast foods Dr.T.Padmini
116 S.Umamakeshwari,         11-551-204 2013 Formulation of robiotic millet fruit bar Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi
117 R.U.Uthaya,                       10-551-206 2013 Standardization of honey based novel amla  (Embilica officinalis) products Dr.S.Kanchana
118 T. Vasantha,                   11-551-205 2013 Socioeconomic factors, hygiene and sanitation practices influencing the health status of preschool children in selected rural areas of Madurai district Dr.M.R.Premalatha
119 C. Sivananth,                  12-551-202 2014 A farm level study on post harvest handling practices of selected fruits and vegetables Dr.S.Kanchana
120 P.Muneeshwari,            12-551-201 2014 Standardization and evaluation of iron fortified bread Dr.G.Hemalatha
121 A . Keerthivasan,             13-551-207 2015 Improving the shelf life of tomato juice through processing with bio preservative Dr.T.Padmini
122 A.Mariammal,                    13-551-208 2015 Formulation of functional foods from grape pomace powder Dr.R.Saravana kumar
123 N. Jixy Josheela,          13-55-201 2015 Standardization and evaluation of carrot (Daucus carota) incorporated chocolate bars Dr.S.Amutha
124 Ruchi Kumari Garg,  13-551-203 2015 Formulation of functional robiotic fruit and vegetable blended RTS Dr.S.Kanchana
125 S.Surya, 13-551-205 2015 Exploitation of Sapota for the Production of Sugar Crystals Dr.S.Kanchana
126 R.Sivasankari,               13-551-204 2015 Standardization and evaluation  of probiotic enriched fruit based shrikhand Dr.G.Hemalatha
127 C.Rajeshkannan,  2014625103 2016 Beta glucan levels in sorghum and pearl millet varieties during flaking, puffing and malting Dr.P.S.Geetha
128 R.Tharani,  2014625105 2016 Effect of processing on the quality characteristics of pigmented rice Dr.G.Hemalatha
129 K.Shunmugapriya,  2015625107 2017 Processing of Soup Mix From Drumstick (Moringa Oleifera) Dr.P.Vennila
130 S.Kokilavani,  2015625102 2017 Development of Functional Beverage From Coconut Milk Dr.G.Sashidevi
131 R. Renganathan,  2015625105 2017 Product development and quality assessment of Brahmi based value added products Dr.P.S.Geetha
132 V.Nivetha, 2015625103 2017 Processing of functional and nutraceutical value added sapota Dr.S.Kanchana
133 R.Surya, 2015625108 2017 Development of Fruit and Vegetable Juices Fortified With Dietary Fiber Dr.S.Jesupriya Poornakala
134 P.Bensi, 2015625101 2017 Studies on encapsulation and value addition from Garcinia combogia (Kudampuli ) fruit Dr.P.S.Geetha
135 V.Ramya, 2015625104 2017 Nutraceutical Properties and Processing Aspects of Jamun Fruit (Syzygium cumini L.) Dr.G.Hemalatha
136 G.Pandidurai,  2016625107 2018 Processed Products from Muskmelon Dr.P.Vennila
137 T.Gobinath,  2016625104 2018 Value Addition and Health Profile of Tree Lettuce Dr.G.Hemalatha
138 M.J.Anithsri,  2016625103 2018 Developing and Evaluation of Products from Popped Sorghum Dr.P.Vennila
139 D.Kiruthika,  2016625106 2018 Standardization of Butte Milk Based Millet Beverage and Improving the Shelf Life by Utilization of Biopreservative Dr.P.S.Geetha
140 B.Akila, 2016625102 2018 Development of Functional Herbal Tea Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi
141 Buvaneshwari. K,  2018625101 2018 Development of Minimally processed products from commercial desi banana varieties Dr.G.Sashidevi
142 Farhat Sultana. B,  2018625102 2018 Standardization of value added products from Tamarind seed flour Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi
143 Girija. J,  2018625103 2018 Standardization of functional beverage mix to enhance calcium bioavailability Dr. S. Kamalasundari
144 Kanchana. N,  2018625104 2018 Studies on standardization of whey based functional beverages Dr. V. Veeranan Arun Giridhari
145 Rohini. C,  2018625105 2018 Formulation of Nutraceutical enriched fruits and nuts spread Dr. P. S. Geetha
146 Sivasakthi. T,  2018625106 2018 Standardization and development of peanut based flavoured milk Dr. V. Meenakshhi
147 Devabattini Sharika 2018625107 2018 Development of low glycemic functional foods using jamun seed Dr.R.Saravana kumar
148 R. Sarojinibharathi 2019551703 2019 Optimize the process for development of pumpkin flesh and kernel based waffles Dr. M. Ilamaran
149 S.K. Salma Banu, 2019551706 2019 Development of multigrain incorporated crakers Dr. B. Nallakurumban

UG Students Project



ID No (BHS) Name of the student Title of the project Name of the Guide
2010 -2014 batch
1. 10-003 Boopathiraj.S Study on the factors influencing the preference of Junk foods Dr.L.Nirmala

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extn)

2. 10-005 Divya,B Study on factor influencing the shift from traditional foods to modern foods. Dr.L.Nirmala

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extn)

3. 10-008 Gayathri devi, M Jujubes from ginger Dr.S.Kanchana

Professor and Head (FSN)

4. 10-009 Gayathri, M Development of Multigrain bread Dr.S.Arokiya mary

Assistant Professor (AFT)

5. 10-010 Jeyanthi.B


Processing of Eco friendly and organic dry flowers Dr.P.S.Geetha

Assistant Professor (FSN)

6. 10-013 Kavithamani Effect of Globalization on Handloom and Power loom Industries in Changimalai Dr.Jagadeesan

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extn)

7. 10-014 Keerthana.PM Influence of Sports Psychology in the Mental Health of Adolescent girls Dr.Jesupriya poornakala

Assistant Professor (FSN)

8. 10-015 Mohana.R Prenatal and Postnatal Care of Infants Dr. M.Ramasubramaniyan

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extn)

9. 10-017 Nivetha.D Osmotic Dehydration of Pumpkin



Professor (FSN)

10. 10-018 Prithivirajan.M A Study on Social Changes and Rural Transformation in Krishnagiri district. Dr.M. Jagadeesan

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extn)

11. 10-020 Ranjitham.A Comparative study between SABLA scheme beneficiaries and non beneficiaries Dr.S.Amutha

Professor and Head (HDT)


12. 10-021 Reeni.X Study on Development  of Sapota powder Incorporated Cookies Dr.S.Kanchana

Professor and Head (FSN)

13. 10-022 Rekha.R Imparting Nutritional Education to the parents of Children with Developmental Disability Dr.S.Amutha

Professor and Head (HDT)


14. 10-023 Renu.P Vulnerability and Resilience of Mettur Beardshell limited workers Dr.Jagadeesan

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extn)

15. 10-025 Shanmathi.D Formulation of Maize incorporated bread Dr.Jagadeesan

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extn)

16. 10-026 Shobana.S Muscle skeletal discomforts of Bus drivers Dr.P.Parimalam

Professor and Head (FRM)

17. 10-027 Sowbakkiyam.A Exploration of uncommon and indigenous leafy vegetables for achieving nutrition security Dr.S.Parvathi

Professor and Head (HEX)


18. 10-028 Tharani.R Development of resistant starch substituted kodo millet noodles Dr.M.Ilamaran

Assistant Professor (FSN)


19. 10-031 Gayathri.C Studies on development of skim milk whey water incorporated buttermilk Dr.R.Saravanakumar

Assistant Professor (FSN)

20. 10-033 Anitha.J Identificationof attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among the school children Dr.R.Saravanakumar

Assistant Professor (FSN)


2011-15 batch
21. 11-001 Abinaya Dharshini.J Extraction of natural dye from badam leaf



Professor and Head (AFT)

22. 11-003 Aruna.T Effect of processing methods on Physico-chemical qualities of TNAU released millet varieties. Dr.M.Ilamaran

Assistant Professor (FSN)

23. 11-004 Bensi P.S Estimation of antioxidant and value addition  of Garcinia Cambogia Dr.P.S.Geetha

Assistant Professor (FSN)

24. 11-005 Chandraprabha.S Standardization of RTS from carrot and beetroot Dr.G.Hemalatha,

Professor (FSN)

25. 11-006 Hemapriya.S Dyeing of properties of Calotropics fabric Dr.T.Padmini,

Professor and Head (AFT)

26. 11-007 Janani.S Standardization of RTS from carrot and beetroot Dr.G.Hemalatha,

Professor (FSN)

27. 11-008 Karthikeyan.G Effect of millet based training in women empowerment Dr.S.Parvathi

Professor and Head (HEX)

28. 11-009 Khaleetha Jainaf Fathima.N Effect of processing methods on Physico-chemical quality of TNAU released millet varieties. Dr.M.Ilamaran

Assistant Professor (FSN)

29. 11-010 Kiruthiga.S Extraction of natural dye from badam leaf Dr.T.Padmini

Professor and Head (AFT)

30. 11-011 Kokila Vani. S Psychological assessment of institutional and non  institutional  old age people Dr.Jesupriya Poornakala

Assistant Professor (FSN)

31. 11-012 Manimegalai .K Assessment of personal protective clothing for sugarcane workers Dr.P.Parimalam

Professor and Head (FRM)

32. 11-013 Muneeswari.V A comparative study on physical and mental health status of working and non working mothers in Madurai dist. Dr.S.Amutha

Professor and Head (HDT)

33. 11-014 Narmatha.K Effect of cooking methods on nutritional quality of garlic Dr.A.Kalaiselvan

Assistant Professor (FSN)

34. 11-015 Nivetha.V Assessment of Health Hazards of workers engaged in sugarcane cultivation Dr.P.Parimalam

Professor and Head (FRM)

35. 11-016 Parvathi Divya .M Development of instant idli mix Dr.K.Shanthi

Assistant Professor

36. 11-017 Poovarasi.M Dyeing properties of Calotropic fabric Dr.T.Padmini

Professor and Head

37. 11-018 Ramya .V Development of instant idli mixes Dr.K.Shanthi

Assistant Professor

38. 11-019 Sabarinathan.S An economic analysis of supply chain management in Milk industry of Krishnagiri district. Dr.A.Malaisamy

Assistant Professor



39. 11-021 Shunmugapriya.K Effect of cooking methods on nutritional qualities of garlic Dr.Kalaiselvan

Assistant Professor (FSN)

40. 11-022 Shyamala Devi.V A study on childhood nutritional status among 11 to 14 years old school children in rural area and creating awareness about importance of nutrition among children. Dr.S.Amutha

Professor and Head (HDT)




41. 11-023 Siva Karthi.K The effectiveness of internet advertising on consumer behavior Dr.L.Nirmala

Assistant Professor

(Agrl. Extn)

42. 11-024 Sowmiya. K Relative effectiveness of selected extension teaching methods in imparting knowledge on processing and value addition of minor tubers for women empowerment Dr.S.Parvathi

Professor and Head (HEX)

43. 11-028 Sujitha.S Impact of Sabla scheme in Madurai district Dr.A.Janaki Rani

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extn)

44. 11-029  Surya.R Development of protective clothing for workers engaged in sugarcane cultivation Dr.P.Parimalam

Professor and Head (FRM)

45. 11-031 Thirumuruga Ponbhagavathi.T.R Estimation of antioxidant and value addition  of Garcinia Cambogia Dr.P.S.Geetha

Assistant Professor (FSN)

46. 11-033 Monisha Abirami. V Influence of peer group pressure in early adulthood stage Dr.R.Saravana Kumar

Assistant Professor (FSN)


47. 11-034 Krishnaveni.A. Effect of millet based training in women empowerment Dr.S.Parvathi

Professor and Head (HEX)

2012-2016 batch
48. 12-001 Abhirami.K Nutritional Evaluation and Storage Stability of Prepared Multigrain Nutria Chikki Dr.L.Karpagapandi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

49. 12-002 Akila.B Nutritional Composition & acceptability of cookies and Bread Fortified with Herbal Extracts (Tulsi leaves, curry leaves, lemon grass and omum). Dr.S.Kamalasundari

Assistant Professor (FSN)

50. 12-003 Anitha Sri.Mj Development Of Novel Beverage From Finger Millet Dr.G.Sashidevi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

51. 12-004 V. Ashokkumar Development of  Value added product from Ripened Palmyra fibrous fruit Dr.B.Nallakurumban

Assistant Professor (FSN)

52. 12-005 Gobinath.T Nutritional Composition & acceptability of cookies and bread fortified with Herbal Extracts (Tulsi leaves, curry leaves, lemon grass and omum). Dr.S.Kamalasundari

Assistant Professor (FSN)

53. 12-006 Gokulram.P.T Use of Mobile phones among College Students Dr.P.Parimalam

Professor and Head (FRM)

54. 12-007 Gunasekaran.E Value chain of milk and milk products in organized and unorganized sector of Tamil Nadu – comparative analysis Dr.Malaisamy

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Economics)

55. 12-008 Kanmani.K Application of biodegradable aloevera gel for extending the shelf life of Tomato Dr.V.Meenakshi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

56. 12-009 Kiruthika.D Assessment of Microbial and Heavy metal contamination in commonly consumed selected species of Marine inland dry and fresh fish Dr.Veeranan Arun Giridhari

Assistant Professor (FSN)

57. 12-010 Kokila.T
58. 12-011 Lavanya.A Development of  Value added products from ripened Palmyra fibrous fruit Dr.B.Nallakurumban

Assistant Professor (FSN)

59. 12-012 Malini.P Anti Diabetic properties of Bamboo rice Dr.Cissie Theebyln David

Assistant Professor (FSN)

60. 12-014 Pandidurai.G Development of sweetmeats from fig fruits Dr.P.Vennila

Professor and Head(HEX)

61. 12-015 Pavithra. N Development of low cost protein rich supplementary snacks for preschool children’ Dr.Jesupriya Poornakala

Assistant Professor (FSN)

62. 12-016 Pusphapriya.J Osmotic dehydration of jack fruit Dr.A.Manjula

Professor (FSN)

63. 12-018 Ransumithila.C Diabetic properties of Bamboo rice Dr.Cissie Theebyln David

Assistant Professor (FSN)

64. 12-019 Sasikala.M Use of Mobile phones among College Students Dr.P.Parimalam

Professor and Head (FRM)

65. 12-020 Sathiskumar.M Application of biodegradable aloe vera gel for extending the shelf life of Tomato Dr.V.Meenakshi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

66. 12-021 Sathishkumar.P Value chain of milk and milk products in organized and unorganized sector of Tamil Nadu – comparative analysis Dr.Malaisamy

Assistant Professor  (Agrl.Economics)

67. 12-022 Silambarasan.P Development of sweetmeats from fig fruits Dr.P.Vennila

Professor and Head (HEX)

68. 12-023 Suganya.K Designing of Smart class room Dr.P.Parimalam Professor and Head (FRM)
69. 12-024 Tamilselvan.T. Studying the effect of ripening methods on nutritional quality of sapota Dr.L.Karpagapandi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

70. 12-025 Tharani.S Heavy metal analysis in children foods Dr.P.S.Geetha

Assistant Professor (FSN)

71. 12-026 Vidhya.G Probiotication of Traditional south Indian fermented Ragi Porridge Dr.T.Uma Maheswari

Assistant Professor (Ag.Micro.)

72. 12-027 Vinoth.R Value chain of milk and milk products in organized and unorganized sector of Tamil Nadu – comparative analysis Dr.Malaisamy

Assistant Professor (Agrl.Economics)

73. 12-028 Jeyalakshmi. M Extruded products from sweet potato Dr.Cissie Theebyln David

Assistant Professor (FSN)

74. 12-029 M.Indumathi Designing of Smart class room Dr.P.Parimalam

Professor & Head (FRM)

2013 -2017 batch
75. 2013008002 Aishwarya.C Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Snack Foods from local shops in Madurai Dr.P.S.Geetha

Assistant Professor (FSN)

76. 2013008003 Aravindhan.K Probiotic fruit and vegetable blended RTS Dr.T.Uma Maheswari

Assistant Professor (Ag. Micro.)

77. 2013008005 Baby Kalaivani.S Effect of primary processing on the Beta glucan content of selected cereals and millets Dr. S. Jesupriya Poornakala

Assistant Professor (FSN)

78 2013008009 Kaviya.K Determination of heavy metal contamination in street foods of Madurai district Dr.P.S.Geetha

Assistant Professor (FSN)

79. 2013008012 Lavanya.D Effect of germination and minimal processing on folic acid content in sprouted pulses by using HPLC method Dr.S.Kamala Sundari

Assistant Professor (FSN)

80. 2013008013 Lavanya.N Isolation and Utilisation of Nigella sativa Linn for diabetic control by fortification. Dr. M. Murugan,

Professor and Head (DDAS)

81. 2013008014 Srinithi.M Development of flavoured candy from Manila tamarind (Pithcellobium dulce) Dr.G.Sashidevi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

82. 2013008015 Malathi.M Adopting pre processing and cooking methods to control microbial load and heavy metal contamination in the selected oola fish (Baraccuda spp) Variety.


Dr.Veeranan Arun Giridhari

Assistant Professor (FSN)

83. 2013008016 Meena Kumari.P Culture dependent and independent detection of food-borne pathogens present in uncooked street side foods available at different locations of Madurai, Tamil Nadu Dr.T.Uma Maheswari

Assistant Professor (Ag. Micro.)

84. 2013008017 Megala.S Development of functional Paneer from Coconut milk (Cocos nucifera L.)and Cow milk blends. Dr.B.NallaKurumban

Assistant Professor (FSN)

85. 2013008019 Nikitha.R Study on nutrient and microbial succession during fermentation in Pazhaiya Saadam Dr.L.Karpagapandi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

86. 2013008021 Banu Priya.S Analysis of physico-chemical composition of tempeh developed from different pulses – green gram (Vigna Radiata), Chickpea (Garbanzo bean), Soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) Dr.T.Uma Maheswari

Assistant Professor (Ag. Micro.)

87. 2013008025 Sandhiya.B Extraction and utilization of natural food colour from Basella alba Fruits Dr.B.NallaKurumban

Assistant Professor (FSN)

88. 2013008026 Shivani.R Development of functional bread from whole wheat (Triticum aestivum) and Ragi Flour (Eleusine coracana) Blends Dr.V.Meenakshi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

89. 2013008028 Sruthi.A


Study on bioactive components and in-vitro antioxidant activity of Cissus quadrangularis stem Dr.L.KarpagaPandi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

90. 2013008029 Suganya.C


Formulation of value enriched probiotic yoghurt with fruits



Assistant Professor (FSN)

91. 2013008031 Thirumoorthy.P


Nutritionally enriched parotta Dr.Veeranan Arun Giridhari

Assistant Professor (FSN)

92. 2013008034 Kowsalya.S


Development of Chutney from Pulicha Keerai (Hibiscus sabariffa L.) Thuthuvalai (Solanum trilobatum L.) and its storate stability Dr.G.Sashidevi

Assistant Professor (FSN)

93. 2013008037 Kousalya.M.S


Development of germinated brown rice cereal bar Dr. S. Jesupriya Poornakala

Assistant Professor (FSN)

94. 2013008032 Vignesh.M


Iron Fortified Cookies For Adolescents Dr. S.Kamala Sundari Assistant Professor (FSN)
95. 2013008030 Theerthammal.S


Formulation and standardization of vitamin B12 enriched rusk Dr.  S.Kamalasundari

Assistant Professor (FSN)

96. 2013008036 Suruthi.S


Development of intermediate moisture food-fruit bar from noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia L.) Blended with other fruits Dr.P.Vennila

Professor and Head (HEX)

97 2013008010 Sharmila.K


Development of intermediate moisture food-jam from noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) Fruit blended with other fruits Dr. P.Vennila

Professor and Head (HEX)

98. 2013008033 Sowarnambal.A


Effectiveness of weekly iron and folic acid supplementation programme among adolescents in Madurai district – an analytical study



Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extension)

99. 2013008027 Sowndariya.T


A study on assessing the nutritional status of rural women and developing a video module to improve their nutritional security in Madurai district Dr.A.Janaki Rani

Assistant Professor (Agrl. Extension)

100. 2013008006 Gayathri.S


Effect of packaging on the shelf life performance of bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) Dr. Cissie Theeblyn David

Assistant Professor (FSN)

101. 2013008008 Indhumathi.P


Milling, cooking and rheological properties of selected rice and millet varieties Dr. Cissie Theeblyn David

Assistant Professor (FSN)

102. 2013008022 Navaneetha.S


An economic analysis of integrated and non integrated farming systems for financial feasibility technical efficiency and adoption Dr.Malaisamy

Assistant Professor

103. 2013008020 Jeevitha.R


Study on physiological cost of dancing activity Dr.P.Parimalam

Professor and Head (FRM)



2013008018 Nagajothi.N


Assessment of grip strength of different age groups Dr.P.Parimalam

Professor and Head (FRM)

105 2014008003 RANJANI V.R Formulation of Tamarind Spread Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi
106 2014008006 KAVI PRIYA. D Technology optimization to develop semolina based bajra incorporated vermicilli Dr.M.Ilamaran
107 2014008007 SANGAVI. R  “Detection of heavy metal residues in milk by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometery and X-Ray Fluorescence”. Dr. M. Murugan

Professor and Head, Dept of DAS

108 2014008009 NAGANANDHINI K. H Estimation of Nutritional composition of Horsegram and its value added products Dr.Nallakurumban
109 2014008011 SIVA SAKTHI. T Effect of peanut butter incorporation levels on physicochemical characteristics of cakes. P.Geetha
109 2014008012 BUVANESHWARI.K Development of Ready to eat Chapathi Dr.G.Sashidevi
110 2014008013 SUBASRI. G Screening of phytochemicals in Bael leaves Dr.L.Karpagapandi
111 2014008015 SATHYABAMA. R studying the influence of counselling intervention of health status of alcohol rehabitilation patient Dr.V.Veeranan Arun Giridhari
112 2014008018 KANCHANA.N Studies on antimicrobial effect of chitosan and essential oil based biodegradable food packaging material Dr.T.UmaMaheswari
113 2014008020 B.REVANTH KUMAR Development of Tamarind based beverages Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi
114 2014008021 GIRIJA. J Effect of Processing on anti- nutritional factors and assessing the bio- availability of proteins and starch in selected TNAU pulse varieties (green gram, black gram and cowpea) Dr.S.Kamalasundari
115 2014008022 FARHAT SULTANA . B Phytochemical analysis of Gingeber officinalis Dr. L. Karpagapandi
116 2014008023 BALAMURUGAN. A Standardisation of Iron Fortified idly. Dr.V.Veeranan Arun Giridhari
117 2014008026 P.AJITHKUMAR Studu on development of Foxtail millet incorporated flavoured milk. Dr. Tamilselvi
118 2014008027 NIVETHA. A Standardization of Vitamin-A enriched sweet potato flour incorporated extruded product –Noodles Dr Saravanakumar
119 2014008028 SARANYA. S Commercially Sold Fermented Batter   Characteristics In Relation With The Sensory And Quality Properties Of Idli Dr.S.Kamalasundari
120 2014008030 THAENMOLI. C Screening of phytochemicals in  Solanum torvum Dr.V.Meenakshi
121 2014008031 SATHISHKUMAR. E Assessment of problems of millet based entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurship activities Dr Saravanakumar
122 2014008032 CHARUNILA .M Formulation of germinated rice based functional foods. Dr.M.Ilamaran
123 2014008033 MALA. M Incorporation of fruit pulp in ice cream P.Geetha
124 2014008034 SUSMITHA.S Study on screening of phytochemical and nutritional quality of Muntinga calaburn. Singapore cherry Dr. Tamilselvi
125 2014008037 SAKTHIVEL. T Studies on antimicrobial effect of chitosan and essential oil based biodegradable food packaging material Dr.T.UmaMaheswari
126 2014008038 NUSRIN FATHIMA. A Assessing the effectiveness and Utilsation behavior of Home science Information through ICT among under graduate students Dr Janaki
127 2014008039 VIJAYA. P Screening of phytochemicals in  Coccinia indica Dr.V.Meenakshi
128 2014008042 ROHINI. C Estimation of Phytochemicals and antioxidant activity of Peppermint leaves Dr. Nallakuruman
129 2013008007 INDUMATHI.D  Development of millet lollipop Dr.P.Parimalam
130 2015008001 Abarna, V Development of Fruit blended tamarind sauce Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
131 2015008002 Abinaya, C Standardization of protein enriched papaya RTS Dr.K.Jothilakshmi, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
132 2015008003 Agalya, A, P Value added products from Manila Tamarind Dr.G.Sashidevi, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
133 2015008004 Aiswarya, S Evaluation of Nutritional and Phytochemical properties of coconut embryo Dr.L.Karpagapandi, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
134 2015008005 Aiswarya, P P Development of value added products from Quinoa grain Dr.G.Sashidevi, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
135 2015008006 ANANTH, A Production of probiotic Yoghurt from Corn milk Dr.P.S.Geetha, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
136 2015008007 Anjali, K Beta carotene enriched confectionary products Dr.S.Kanchana, Prof. & Head (HDT&FS)
137 2015008008 Arulanban, K Isolation, identification, characterisation of yoghurt strains (L.bulgaricus & S.thermophillus) used as starter culture for cocogurt production Dr,T.Uma Maheswari, Asst. Prof
138 2015008009 Arulkumar, K Development and evaluation of Noodles from multigrain composite flour Dr.V.Thirupathi, Professor (FPE)
139 2015008010 Banu Priya, N Nutritional and Sensory Evaluation of Tempeh prepared using Dolichos lablab Dr.S.Kamalasundari, Asst, Prof. (FSN)
140 2015008011 Deepa, T Development of germinated rice  based breakfast cereal. DrM..Ilamaran
141 2015008012 Deepika, T R Development of Flax seed incorporated groundnut chikki Dr.R.Saravanakumar

Assoc. Prof & Head (TSD)

142 2015008013 Divyapriya, S Development of germinated wheat based breakfast cereal. Dr.M.Ilamaran
143 2015008014 Eswari, E Development and standardization of enriched bamboo rice cookies Dr.J.Selvi, Asst, Prof.
144 2015008015 Gayathiri, L Storage of chicken (country hen) by using natural preservatives to extent the shelf life Dr.J.Selvi, Asst, Prof.
145 2015008016 Haritha, M Electromyography study of seed placement tube Dr.P.Parimalam, Prof. & Head (FRM&CS)
146 2015008017 Harsha Vardhini, P Standardisation of Herbal shrikhand using Tulsi extract Dr.L.Nirmala, Asst. Prof. (Ag.Extn.)
147 2015008018 Indhu Priya, A Estimation of Nutritional composition of blended cashew apple with tropical fruits RTS. Dr.P.S.Geetha, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
148 2015008019 Indra, M Assessing the Nutritional Knowledge among the Rural Girls and Imparting Nutritional Knowledge and Suggestionsfor increasing the Nutritional Status Dr.A,Janaki Rani, Asst. Prof. (Ag.Extn.)
149 2015008020 Jaishree, E Quality analysis of Fresh,dried and market samples of Turmeric Dr. E. Tamilselvi, Asst. Prof’ (FSN)
150 2015008021 Jansi, S Standardisation of wheat and ragi milk halwa Dr.S.Kamalasundari, Asst, Prof. (FSN)
151 2015008022 Jeslin Sabatini, C J Assessing the Phytochemical propetrties of soy product Dr.S.Amutha, Dean (CSC&RI)
152 2015008023 Kalaiselvan, K Formulation of antioxidant rich spread from gingelly Dr.V.Meenakshi, Asst. Prof’ (FSN)
153 2015008024 Karthika, U Development of tomato incorporated gluten free extruded products Dr.R.Saravanakumar

Assoc. Prof & Head (TSD)

154 2015008025 Kavinilavu, N Development of Instant Biryani Mix from TNAU released VGM -1 Rice Dr.V.Veeranan Arun Giridhari
155 2015008026 Kaviya Vysali, N Standardisation of RTS beverage from sea lettuce Dr.K.P.Sivakumar, Asst’ Prof. (FSN)
156 2015008028 Kowsalya, K M Standardisation and evualuation of spiced tamarind candy Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
157 2015008029 Maithili, A Development of RTU soup and rasam from horse gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) extracts Dr.G.Hemalatha, Prof. & Head (FSN)
158 2015008030 Meena, M Processing and preparation of traditional rice based instant mixes Dr.K.P.Sivakumar, Asst’ Prof. (FSN)
159 2015008031 Nandhini, K Surface Electromyography study of onion bulb transplanter Dr.P.Parimalam, Prof. & Head (FRM&CS)
160 2015008033 Priyamahalakshmi, S Standardising and processing technique of pineapple mouth freshner Dr.S.Kanchana, Prof. & Head (HDT&FS)
161 2015008034 Salam Hussain, S An analysis of milk producrs copoperative societies betterment of dairy farmers economy in Tirumangalam Dr.A.Malaisamy, Assoc. Prof. (Econ.)
162 2015008035 Sangeetha, V identification and  characterisation of yoghurt strains (L.bulgaricus & S.thermophillus) from green chillies  used as starter culture for cocogurt production Dr,T.Uma Maheswari, Asst. Prof
163 2015008036 Santhiya, R Assessing the quality charecteristics of functional ice creams Dr.L.Karpagapandi, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
164 2015008037 Sankareswari, R Suitability of TNAU Released Barnyard millet varities for chettinadu snacks. Dr.V.Veeranan Arun Giridhari
165 2015008038 Sathish Kumar, M Development and evaluation of noodles from foxtail milletincorporated with composite flour. Dr.V.Thirupathi, Professor (FPE)
166 2015008039 Sathiyapriya, S Screening of phytochemicals and development of value added products from Hibiscus sabdariffa Dr.V.Meenakshi, Asst. Prof’ (FSN)
167 2015008040 Selvaprakash, N Development of cookies using traditional sweeteners Dr.B.Nallakurumban, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
168 2015008041 Sonal, S Study on osmo dehydrated foods and its development of muskmelons Dr.M.Murugan, Prof. & Head (DAS)
169 2015008042 Suresh Kumar, S Formulation of germinated minor millet flour incorporated fermented traditional foods Dr.R.Saravanakumar

Assoc. Prof & Head (TSD)

170 2015008043 Suvathi, T Standardization of value added foods from Hibiscus sabdariffa Dr.K.Jothilakshmi, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
171 2015008044 Swarnalatha, S Development and Standardisation of Nilavembu and Papaya leaf extract Dr.V.Veeranan Arun Giridhari
172 2015008045 Vidhyabharathi, M Development of instant noodles supplemented with button mushroom(Agaricus bisporous) powder Dr.B.Nallakurumban, Asst. Prof. (FSN)
173 2015008046 Yogeshwari, A Quality evaluation and developing value added products from pumpkin seeds. Dr. E. Tamilselvi, Asst. Prof’ (FSN)