Ongoing Projects-Department of Sericulture

Ongoing Projects

1. CPPS/MTP/SER/2018/
Enhancement of quantitative and qualitative traits in mulberry through mutation breeding Core project – TNAU November 2018 – October 2020 1,50,000 Dr. P. Mangammal               Asst. Prof.(Sericulture)
2. CPPS/MTP/SER/2019/CP155 Application of oil cakes and assessment of their impact on mulberry crop and silkworm Core project – TNAU December 2018 to November 2021 1,25,000 R. Shanmugam                    Asst. Prof.(Sericulture)
3. CPPS/MTP/SER/2019/CP155 Application of Amino acids as exogenous modulator for enhancing productivity and quality of raw silk Core project – TNAU January 2019 – December, 2021 1,25,000 Dr. K.A. Murugesh               Asst. Prof.(Sericulture)


4. FCRI/MTP/SER/2018/CPO42 Effect of probiotics on growth and development of silkworm, Bombyx mori L. Core project – TNAU September 2018 – August, 2021 70,000 Dr.P.Priyadharshini Asst.Prof.(Sericulture)
 5. FCRI/MTP/SER/2018/CPO43 Evaluation of pharmaceutical properties of sericin Core project – TNAU September 2018 – August, 2021 2,00,000 Dr.P.Priyadharshini              Asst. Prof. (Sericulture)