Floriculture and Landscape Architecture

About the Department

The Department of Floriculture and Medicinal Cropswas established in 2006 as a separate department at HC&RI, Periyakulam and is involved in teaching, research on flower crops, medicinal and aromatic crops and extension activities related to ornamental and medicinal crops. This department is also concentrating on the overall landscaping of the Institute.  Production of ornamental and medicinal plants is given primary importance to popularize home gardening, landscaping, roof and vertical gardening and cultivation of medicinal plants at home scale and commercial basis.  Germplasm collection, conservation and research on crop improvement, management, post-harvest and value addition of ornamental crops viz., rose, jasmine, tuberose, marigold, crossandra, cut foliage crops and underexploited flower crops like heliconia are being conducted.   Efforts are also being made to utilize and popularize locally available ornamental plants.  Research on medicinal plants viz.,ocimum and davanam are also being done.  Trainings given to farmers and self-help groups on cultivation, postharvest and value addition of ornamental & medicinal plants, Mushroom cultivation.


  • To impart quality education on floriculture and landscape architecture for UG students
  • Collection, Conservation and evaluation of germplasm on nerium, marigold, tuberose, crossandra, ocimum and Davanam
  • Standardization of agro techniques for flower crops
  • Post harvest studies and value addition in flower crops
  • Standardization of dry flower production techniques
  • Production and distribution of quality planting material in ornamental, medicinal and aromatic crops
  • Popularization of developed technologies through training and demonstrations


  • Strengthening of germplasm repository of commercial flower crops and medicinal crops
  • Conservation of ornamental flowering and foliage plants, creepers and climbers for academic purpose.
  • Development of high yielding nematode resistance cultivars in crossandra
  • Developing a marigold variety suitable for pigments and potential yield
  • Strengthening of post harvest studies in commercial loose flowers