Social Science About Department


Department of Social Sciences was established in2006 at HC&RI, Periyakulam. The department involves in teaching of Agricultural Economics,Agricultural Extension,Mathematics,Statistics, Tamil, Computer science and Physical Education.

This department is keenly concentrating the research on enhancement of productivity and Women empowerment, Farm to farm strategies, Sustainable development goals, Impact evaluation of TNAU verieties and technologies, climate change impact on horticulture, farm extension techniques & strategies, Mathematical modelling, developing IT based tools for farming.


  • To impart education on Economics, Extension and allied courses like Mathematics, Statistics, Computer sciences and physical education.
  • To impart trainings and provide hands on trainings to agro-entrepreneurs for starting horticultural business ventures.
  • To impart training programs on latest horticultural technologies and marketing techniques. Doubling the productivity of horticultural crops and tripling the profitability of farms through implementation of market – led precision farming.


  • Translate traditional farming into a high-tech horticulture-based farming
  • Improve the social economic conditions of farmers
  • Mathematical Models development for various fruit crops