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  • Library is the hub place of our college
  • Our library has a huge good collection of Textbooks, Reference books, Journals, Magazines, Back volumes and thesis in the Field of Horticulture and Allied Subjects
  • There are 11992 books available in this Library
  • There are 1780 e-books available across various department in our Library
  • Ce-RA online resources are available in this Library
  • The goal of the library is the extend all support for outstanding performance in education, Research and other academic and scientific activities carried out in the college
  • The mission of the library is to acquire information, process, organize, disseminate and preserve the information to the users
  • Our library is facilitated with Air conditioned, free Wi-Fi and fully computerized

Exhibition Hall

In HC&RI, Periyakulam, in the exhibition hall, LED light exhibition boards are used to display the varieties on Fruits, vegetables, technologies in floriculture, spices. The different varieties released from HC&RI, Periyakulam like Sapota PKM 1,2,3,4,5, Mango PKM1, 2, Acid lime PKM 1. Tomato PKM 1, Brinjal PKM 1, Chilli PKM 1, Annual moringa PKM1, 2 Ridge gourd PKM 1, Vegetable cowpea PKM 1, Snake gourd PKM 1, Moringa value added products, Fertigation in marigold and crossandra, Packaging of tuberose loose flowers. Turmeric, Coriander, Tamarind were displayed.It provides an excellent platform for students and farmers having an interest in horticulture, who are visiting the institute. Horticulture is fast moving from rural confines to becoming a commercial venture. It is the time that it should be nurtured to realize its full potential in a systematic and sustainable manner to show case the new varieties.