Department of Plant Protection UG Courses

Agricultural Entomology courses

Course No. & Title
AEN 201 Fundamental of Entomology (2+1)
AEN 212 Apiculture, Sericulture and Lac culture (1+1)
AEN 311 Insect Pests of Vegetables, Ornamental and Spice crops (1+1)
AEN 312 Insect Pests of Fruits, Plantation, Medicinal and  Aromatic Crops(1+1)
EXP 401 Biopesticide production (0+10)


Plant Pathology courses

Course No. & Title

PAT 221 Principles of Plant Pathology (2+1)
PAT 311 Diseases of vegetables, ornamentals and spices (1+1)
PAT 312  Diseases of fruits, plantations, medicinal and aromatic crops (1+1)
PAT 401 Diseases of   horticultural crops and their management (2+1)
EXP 401 Commercial production of Bioagents (0+10)