Ongoing Projects

S. No Project number Project title Project period Project leader



An Assessment of Agricultural Vulnerability to Climate Variability in Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu Jan 18 to Dec  20


Dr. R. Salvadi Easwaran, Professor & Head (SS)
2. CARDS/TRY/AEC/2019/001 Socio-Economic Assessment of High Density Planting Technology in Mango and Guava Oct 19 to Sep 21 Dr. S. Senthilnathan

Professor (Agrl.Economics)

3. CARDS/TRY/AEX/2019/001 A Study on the Impact of Vegetable Farming on the Livelihood Status of Small Farmers in Trichy District Sep 19 to Aug 21 Dr. P. Sumathi

Professor (Agrl.Extension)

4. CARDS/TRY/AEX/2019/002


A Study on Awareness and Adoption of Technology and Production and Marketing Constraints of Jasmine growers in Trichy and Dindigul districts 2019-2021 Dr. P. Jaisridhar         Asst. Professor (Agrl.Extension)
5 AECRI/TRY/HOR/VEG/2019/001 A study on impulsive control system in biological pest control of brinjal borer Sep 19 to Aug 22 Dr. S.Anandhi             Asst. Professor (Math.)