Department of Vegetable Science Ongoing Schemes

Ongoing Projects

S.No Project Code Project title Period Investigators
1. HCRI/TRY/HOR/VEG/ 2015/001 Collection, screening and breeding of brinjal under salt affected soils April 2015 to  Mar. 2019 Dr. V.Lakshmanan Professor and Head
2. AECRI/TRY/BIO/2019/001 Development of solar operated bird scarer system October 2019 to September 2021 Dr.D.Ramesh Assoc. Prof.(Bioenergy)

Dr.M.ChandrasekaranAsst. Prof.(Agrl. Ento.)

3   Development of F1 hybrid/variety in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia  L. Moench) for high yield and quality under sodic soil   Dr. K.Kumanan , Asst. Prof. (Horticulture)

Dr. S. Sheeba, Associate Professor (SS & AC)