University Research Projects

Name of the scientist Period Title of the project URP Number
Dr. S. Angles,

Asst.Prof., (Agrl. Eco.)

2018- 2019 Dynamics of Labour market and its economic impact on farming sector in Thanjavur district CARDS/EKT/AEC/2018/001
Dr. P. Sivakumar,

Asst.Prof., (Bio-tech.)



Dr. M. Visalakshi,

Asst.Prof., (Horti.)

2016 to   2018


Establishment of disease free and quality planting materials through in vitro mass multiplication of shoot tip of banana cultivar Poovan (AAB). CPMB/EKT/BIT/FRU/2016/001
Dr. S. Arul Selvi,

Asst.Prof., ( PBG )

July 2017 to June 2020 Evaluation of short duration red gram genotypes suitable for summer irrigated condition in New Cauvery Delta zone


Dr. M. Sakila,

Asst.Prof., (PBG)


July 2017 to June 2019


Development of high yielding Black gram varieties through mutation breeding approach for rice fallow condition in New Cauvery Delta Zone


Dr. J. Thilagam,

Asst.Prof., (Agrl. Extn.)

May 2018 – April 2020 A study on Occupational stress and organizational effectiveness of women employee in TNAU


Dr.G.G. Kavithashree, Asst.Prof., (FSN) Jan 2018-

Jan 2020

Efficacy of equitable intervention in combating health disorders among AC & RI, ECK College students and staff


Dr. A.Thirumurugan

Professor (Ento.) & Dr. K. Yamunarani,

Asst.Prof., (Pl. Path.)

2019 – 2021 Developing technology capsule for the management of pests and diseases of sugarcane under wider row planting


CPPS / EKT/ENT/SUG/2019/001
Dr. A. Kalyanasundaram,

Assoc. Prof. (Ento.)

Mar 2016 to Feb 2019 Rice insect pest surveillance in Thanjavur District CPPS/EKT/ENT/2016/001
Dr. R. Baskaran,

Asst.Prof., (Agron.)

June 2019 –May 2021 Identificaiton of groundnut + small millets intercropping system for alfisol under rainfed condition Revised proposal submitted for RPAC 

TNAU Core Projects

Scientist Period Title
Dr. V.Saravanakumar

Assoc. Prof. (Ag. Eco.)


2019-20 Evaluation of Social and Economic Impacts of TNAU Technologies- Thanjavur District

Assist. Prof. (Ag. Eco.)



2019-20 Evaluation of Social and Economic Impacts of TNAU Technologies – Nagapattinam District

 Sanctioned / Ongoing Externally funded projects

Scientist Period Title Funding Agency
Dr. V.Saravanakumar

Assoc. Prof.

(Ag. Eco.) – PI

2019-2021 Frontier Agricultural Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: Policy Options for Innovations and Technology Diffusion Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi
Dr.S.Angles – PI


2019-20 Poultry Business School- Income Enhancement through Critical Stages and Interventions during Production and Post Production CCS- National Institute of Agricultural Marketing
Dr. M.Senthilkumar

Assoc.   Prof.

(Ag. Micro.) – PI

2019-2022 Understanding the mechanism of induced moisture stress tolerance of Methylobacterium in crops and developing liquid and water-soluble formulation for field application H2CI- Ireland


Stage Specific inoculants for Organic rice production in TamilNadu NMSA




Establishment of Mycorrhizal biofertilizer production unit under GoTN NMSA 2018-19 at AC &RI, Madurai NMSA

Venture Capital Scheme

Scientist Period Title

Dr. S. Mathiyazhagan, Assist.Prof., (Pl. Path.) – PI




Bioinoculant Production for Cauvery Delta Region