Health Care

The dispensary at AC&RI, Eachangkottai was established on 13.11.2017 to cater the medical needs of students, staff and other employees. It is opening from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Diagnosis and treatment for all ailments like fever, cold and seasonal diseases and first aid for physical injuries. Students are routinely checked and carefully monitored during seasonal outbreak of contagious diseases. Besides, various health campaigns like blood donation, body health check-up under NSS activities and awareness lectures by various medical professionals of orthopaedics, psychiatrist and gynaecologist have been organized. Camps for preventive measures for dengue and other such diseases are frequently organized.

Hospital Staff:

Medical Officer : Dr.MANIMEKALAI, M.B.B.S.,

Mobile: 9487719926


Pharmacist : Mrs.B.SELVI

Mobile: 9486418972

Nursing Assistant : Mrs. M.ELAKKIYA